From the Energy of God's Thought

God said:

Beloveds, you are great strength, but you have considered yourself as weakness before a great storm. There is no wave large enough to overcome you. Because the tide takes you in its tow, you fear you are going somewhere, somewhere untoward, somewhere where you are, to all intents and purposes, lost.

Despite what you fret over, there is no lostness. There is no awayness from yourself nor from Me. There is no apartness. There is only Oneness. Nothing can countermand Oneness.

You cannot stray from it. This is inalterable Truth. That you can be scattered to the winds is not a possibility. But that your awareness can be scattered, well, of that there is no doubt. But what is awareness? It is not the ideas that you tell yourself, for what you tell yourself is faulty. Awareness is something else. It is consciousness aware of itself. It is vastness approaching vastness. It is a universe of Truth. Partition is only seeming, a mirage you believe in only too well.

But, My beloveds, even when your body is in a coma, you have consciousness, for you are a Being of Light. Even when your body dies, you are a Being of Light. Consciousness is inexorable. But you often equate consciousness with consciousness of something. Pure consciousness exists, and you, on Earth, are pure consciousness flowing. You flow from My heart. If it were possible for you to begin and to end, you would begin and end with Me. But it is not possible for you to end. Therefore, you are always with Me. We are inseparable, you and I. There is no seam between Us. There is not one stitch. There is no split between Us to be sewn.

You always were, and so you are. If verb tense were true, We would say that from the beginning of creation, you were. We will say you were with Me, but there was no where to be. There was no who. There was no how and no why. There was no was. There is the Allness of Oneness.

When the Earth and All were spread out before you, it was as if you were spread out. It was as if I made a blanket of Myself and covered Myself with it, but that could only be a game of Let's Pretend. I created a universe from the energy of My thought, and you imagined you were spewed out in a sequence of time and space, but I contained you all the while. Nothing happened. Everything was. Everything is. Everything is a euphemism for Oneness, for there was no thing.

I never departed from Myself. I never slivered one part of My consciousness. My consciousness, which is what I AM and ALL THAT I AM, remained whole. None of it slipped away. Where could it slip to? After all, I am All, and that means you too. You are totality. You are the totality of Oneness. Of course, words do not say. There is no inclusion really for there is no exclusion or seclusion. There is no opposite to Oneness. All of this is in a manner of speaking. Words fall short.

There is no one to speak to, and there is nothing to be heard. All is understood, and all is known. Bones cannot be set when there is no fracture. Oneness never lost cannot be regained.

But you heard whispers across the imaginary lands of Earth. You listened to the whispers more than you heard My Silence. You listened to rumors. Gossip that you are, you passed them on. In your delirium, you held rumor to your heart and tried to stick illusion there. Your heart spits untruth out. You heart would hold Truth, and Truth alone, and so your heart is your guardian. Your mind wanders, but your heart knows without knowing how it knows that what I say is true. Your heart knows that I am the Speaker, and I am the One Who Hears.

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