Free Your Heart

God said:

When you feel anxiety, somewhere along the line you have not been forthright. You erred. You have tried to control that which is not yours to control. You have offended yourself. Anxiety lets you know that you have performed or thought less than you are. Anxiety nudges you to take a look at how and what you are maneuvering and to stop it.

Life is not yours to maneuver. Outcomes are not yours to make.

Anxiety is heartfall. It is a sinking feeling. It is common. It is a murky abyss. You don't need it. Anxiety is related to regret and remorse. You regret you were imperfect a moment ago.

Anxiety tells you that you have had a false start. Acknowledge that, and anxiety leaves. You had a thought you need to change, and now you change it. Anxiety is nothing but a recurring thought of guilt. Absolve yourself of the thought.

From some fear or some sense of danger, you sought to control an aspect of your life. But the real need was not to control; the need was to free. You tightened something, and now you feel the stricture in your heart. You have called anxiety to you, and now you can let it go.

You are walking in life, and you stumble or almost stumble. It is done. The incident is over. Why feel anxious over what has past? Sense of anxiety comes from past matters. When you feel anxious about something in the future, you have brought past anxiety forward. When you fear that you will stumble again in the future, you have brought the past with you.

Let Me allay your anxiety. It is all right to stumble. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and continue. Do not stay in the same spot. Leave that spot in your thinking, and anxiety leaves. So you tripped and fell. So you said something you regret. So you didn't say something you wish you had.

You think you must always choose the right box, and you berate yourself when you have not. Move on. Forgive yourself. Don't sit down on your error and stay there. You have already paid for it.

Human beings flail their hearts for no good reason. Free your heart. Whatever misdemeanors you are guilty of, you are absolved. When you absolve yourself, you do not give yourself license to repeat error. You give yourself license to move away from it. You will not recur the event when you have gone beyond it.

When you feel anxious that you have offended someone, you are really anxious at the offense to yourself. A cry of ego shames you. It disgraces you. You were imperfect. You denied your truth. Do not belabor that. Just return to truth. Don't tote imperfection with you. Drop it where it was.

You were drawing a picture, and you made some lines you wouldn't make now. You do not need to be appalled by this. Erase the mistake, and start anew. All the time you are starting anew. Needing an eraser is not cause for self-recrimination. Erasing is not pretending something did not occur. It just is not making too much of it. You do not have to punish yourself. You just have to let it go. Love yourself as you would your neighbor.

Do not tie knots in your life. Anxiety crimps you. It blocks your heart. It is a build-up. It is plaque.

When you mire yourself in anxiety because you feel you offended someone, you have not released yourself, and you have not released the other. You bind him to yourself. Free him. Free yourself, and he is freed from your hold.

When you hold something to yourself, you are trying to control. Control does not move you forward. It holds you back.

If you want a new lease on life, then release that which you presently hold.

Is it cause for anxiety that a moment ago you were less than you are now? Do you think that you have to be forgiven for learning something? Well, then, you are forgiven. Now forgive yourself.