You Are a Releaser

God said:

Your whole life is a process of releasing, not grabbing on. You have often thought the opposite.

You are immersed in life in order to let go of your holding on to it. You do not know how much more there is left for you to let go of. You have layers of control yet ready to dissolve. You do not yet know the depths or extent. And you fear to even think of letting go.

You have let go of a lot, and yet there are many more locks to let go of. You are not done yet. It is not really yours to decide how much you should still hold on to. What you are letting go of is that very sense of control.

You worry that you won't get control back. You worry that somehow everything will go awry if you let go of it. You think you have to keep your finger on every pie.

Do you know what letting go is? It is trust. Have confidence.

Holding on does not move life forward. It holds it back. You limit life when you hold on to it.

You wonder what will happen to the universe if you let go? You wonder who will take care of it.

But holding on is not the same as taking care of.

When you let go, you aren't throwing the universe to the winds. You give it to itself. You bless it. You help it board a ship of goodwill. You send it off to its destination. An anchored ship cannot sail. You are not meant to hold the ship of life in place.

Remember you are a sharer, not a holder. You are not the starter, and you are not the ender. You are a participant, but not an owner. You do not run a one-man show. There is no one-man show.

But what about responsibility, you wonder. Consider that your responsibility may be to let go.

After all, you will leave the running of the world to the children who are playing in it now.

Whatever your domain, let go of the control now.

If you are a mother, let go of control. That just means to free your children to their own good. You are not their governor. You are their mother. You are the nurturer.

If you are the writer of a book, you know that a book has a certain life of its own, and you must allow it.

When you give a recipe, you give it. You do not control the cook. You let go of your recipe. If you did not let go, you would find yourself anxious.

Life is like when you Godwrite. You take the pen in hand. You sit down to write, but you do not decide beforehand the order of the words. You listen to the choice and the sequence. You don't control. Your responsibility is to listen.

When you hold on to life or your scope of it, you are denying it its magnificence. And all because you fear to trust. Today be a learner of trust.

When you trust, you have freedom. When you have freedom, you can then give it. Give yourself freedom so that you will be a freedom-giver.

Life is an exploration. It is not a finished product. It is fluid. It is light.

The candle is lit, and you share the light of your candle. Others bring their candles to light from yours. And then there is more light. You do not set a limit on how many candles can be lit from yours. The light isn't yours anyway. You cannot hoard light. Let others shine theirs. Let them shine away.

You are not a limiter. You are a releaser.

Let life live its own course. Be a welcomer to it. Be a cheerer of it.

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letting go

This cosmic hl generator certainly is cosmic, it works every time, in fact I am getting slightly addicted to it! The thing I have been struggling with soooooooo much is letting go of everthing to do with the breast cancer experience. I have been exhausting myself reading book after book website after website I have spent a fortune on vitamin supplements and sought help from numerous wise , loving and wonderful people who have certainly saved this body numerous times. They have all urged me to let go and let God, I have tried but how to do it ? This heavenletter just gave me the answer . I have said before I am very visual and the image of holding on to a boat so that it cant sail has really helped me.LET THE BOAT GO AND THEN IT CAN SAIL AWAY. THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart
Much love Nancy