Fortune Cookies

God said:

God said:

Beloved, have this one idea at the top of your mind: Just as you swim in water, swim in the idea that you are one lucky person. Let this thought be your by-line.

Say to yourself:

“Every day holds delightful surprises for me.”

“Someone auspicious in my life is coming around the corner.”

“I attract good fortune wherever I go.”

“Life holds nice surprises for me every day.”

“My life falls into place right before my very eyes.”

"Life kisses me on my cheeks.”

“God not only loves me, God likes me. God stands up for me.”

“God serves life to me on a Golden Platter.”

“Good health, good will, and happiness follow me night and day.”

“I am at the right place at the right time.”

“Sunshine, starlight, and love follow in my footsteps.”

“Life takes me by the hand.”

“The well of my life is full beyond measure.”

“I make the Universe’s silent dreams come true.”

“Life is even greater than I thought.”

“Wherever I look, there is love waiting for me.”

“Life sweeps me up in love.”

“I am bright, very bright.”

“I hear myself singing, ‘Hallelujah!’ throughout the day.”

“Life keeps getting better.”

“I bless the air I breathe.”

“I am a flower that blooms.”

“I open the doors of God's Heart.”

“I am the budding of a rose.”

“God and I are Eternal Sunshine.”

“God opens my eyes and heart.”

“God and I meet in a heartbeat.”

“Life is a drawer I pull out.”

“I am already everything I ever wanted to be. Right now I am Infinite. Good morning, Sunshine!”

“Every time I look up, God is waiting for me to approach.”

“Life is beautiful and more to come!”

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Uplift and Unify

I love this Heaven Letter with all of my Heart and my Heart is Singing songs of Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation as I Receive the Gift of this Heaven Letter.

I love every Heavenletter

I love every Heavenletter you share with us dear Christine.