Forgiveness Is a Given. Suffering Is Not.

God said:

On one hand, you don't ask enough of life. You settle for too little. On the other hand, you demand too much. You are affronted when life takes a turn you are opposed to. Every now and then, from being placid, you become ferocious and stamp your foot at life and refuse to tolerate it. You can turn on a dime, dear ones, so affected are you by what you perceive as an attack from life.

You are not always at extremes, yet at any moment, you sometimes are.

Would that you could weather storms without so much drama. If only you would.

I am not telling you that you must always placate life. You don't have to be a Yes-Man to life. On the other hand, it behooves you to know when to return to joy and let go of stamping your foot.

It really is for you to move on and to move upwards. You can leave uproar behind you. You can come to peace within yourself. You don't have to drag out emotional pain. You can have loved and lost and still go forward.

Beloveds, in the long run what choice do you have? It’s not better to profess to being long-suffering. You do better to get up from suffering sooner.

If you could cut your suffering and shorten the length of its acuteness by 10%, would this not be in everyone's best interest?

There is a misunderstanding in the world as to need for grieving and the meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a given. Suffering is not. Both suffering and forgiveness are choices.

Forgiveness is not a big to-do. It is not super of you to forgive. You don't receive a medal for it. Forgiveness is something you only have to do if you have taken offense. If you did not take life so personally, so directed at you, so offensive, what would you have to forgive anyway?

With all respect for your humanness, beloveds, what good has it been for you or anyone to take life so personally? You are not here on Earth to collect offenses. If you are here on Earth to collect anything, then let's say you are to collect greater vision.

When did the Great Ones require retribution from anyone before they could love?

It is time for you to forgive yourself for making resentment yours.

Beloveds, who are you to demand the best from others and not from yourself? It is an offense toward humanity and to Me to hold anything against another. Every other is a part of you.

In a sense, everyone on Earth is a poor fool who has gone out into the world with blinders. Your saving grace is that you gain from experience. You learn where the Road to Joy is, and you take it. No longer do you stay on the the Road Where Joy Is Not.

Do you find joy in holding something against another? What crime has another committed but the crime of ignorance? And, tell Me, what is thinking that you, by a special dispensation, are a holy to forgive someone for being a human being? Do you begin to spot some arrogance here? What is arrogance anyway but a form of ego, I might ask.

When you act high and mighty, how are you blessing the world or anyone in it? Certainly you are not acting in your own best interest.

What has happened to your loving your neighbor? What has happened to loving your brothers and sisters? What has happened to loving yourself?

Forgive everyone now for everything. What else is there for you to do? C'mon, get off your high horse, and set the world free.

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"It is time for you to forgive yourself for making resentment yours." Done with gratitude. Thank you.