For Whom Your Heart Beats

God said:

What is it you have to do today that takes precedence over giving love?

And what does it take for you to give love but understanding? If you understood the struggle and heartbeat of the person before you, you would become Compassionate Understanding Incarnate.

Compassion does not mean pity because pity makes one of you larger than the other. Compassion puts you on equal footing. Compassion says: “Bud, it hasn’t been all that easy for me other. You are a simple Human Being, and you are doing the best you know how at this moment. You have had a hard day, and I am not going to make it harder for you. I am going to be a like a cup of tea that you sit down with and help you relax. And I will, by my very presence, help you to see and feel that we are not two but One.”

You need not be compassionate in words. Words fall short. Within the person before you lies everything that has ever been in your own heart. His heart is no less than yours. Other events may have occasioned the twisting and turning of his heart, but the twisting and turning of his and yours has been the same.

Your compassionate heart will whisper: “All is well. There is nothing for us to do but to sit here with each other in peace and quietude. We absorb each other in this moment of peace. We sit in rocking chairs and we rock to the same rhythm. The beat of our hearts is the same. After a while, we do not know whose heart is whose. Is that your heartbeat or mine? It is all the same when two hearts beat as One.”

Can you imagine the tempo of the world when all hearts beat as One? Can you imagine the resurgence of Almighty power? Can you imagine the joy I will feel, and the joy you will too? There is no reason for disparate heartbeats. It makes no sense, and it does no good. Your hearts are like paddle balls that bounce in sync. Your hearts become like ancient tom-toms. You have heard the beat in the distance. Now you can hear it up close.

There is one Universal Heart, and it is yours. You are the metronome for all other hearts. You set the pace. You call out the beat. And other hearts sit up and get the hang of it too.

Hearts really have no choice but to beat in accord. Why would anyone want his heart to beat in discord? Hearts will beat in kind. They will beat in kindness, for each heart is in kinship to every other.

Imagine your fingers going to your heart now. You reach in and comfort your heart. You soothe it with a gentle massage of your fingers. You hold it as you would a baby. You make nice to it.

Your neighbor is doing the same. And when your hearts are smoothed and soothed, you exchange them, for what difference would it make? This is heart transplant in the truest sense, one heart interchanged for another. A graphic exchange of hearts, the way you would gently put your baby back in its crib.

From now on, you can reach into every other heart because you know it is yours. You deal in hearts. You are a trader of hearts. You swap. No one gets the better of the bargain, because in this exchange, all hearts are healed. It makes no difference which one exists in your chest, because you have a Universal Heart, and it beats for all, and, therefore, it beats for Me.