For Whom Does Your Heart Beat?

God said:

Put your hand over your heart, and know I AM God. I AM the Great I AM, and I am securely in your heart. You don't have to travel in order to find Me. I am right where you are. And I am happy inside your heart that seems to belong to you. Will you be happy too?

What is all this unhappiness you surround yourself with about? Must you keep it to you? What if you did a little jig? What if you danced around the room and said: "What does this unwieldy unhappiness have to do with me? Tra la."

It is a given in the world that you change clothes. It is not a given that you are to change into unhappiness. Unhappiness makes no sense. Why would you trade in happiness for unhappiness and feel that a circumstance forced that on you?

When you are walking along a road, and you see beautiful pebbles, you might pick some up because you take pleasure in them. When you walk along the shore, you see seashells. You take pleasure in them and pick them up. If you walk along the street and you see shards of glass along the way, you don't take pleasure in them. You don't pick them up unless to remove litter.

And, yet, you walk along in life, and you mistakenly step into unhappiness, and you don't toss it. You keep it to you as if you have to keep it, as if it belongs to you, as if you have no choice. Perhaps a relationship changed direction or seemed to. You got wrapped up in something, and then it was no longer happy for you. Must experiences in life be hangers on and discomfort you so? Be glad you had a wonderful time for a while, and leave it at that.

Why must your heart be changed as though your heart were some kind of wind-up toy that couldn't change directions?

I am in your heart, and your heart is palpable. Your heart is not a throat that can get a bone stuck in it. Have a heart with your heart. Love your heart. Love where I am, and I am in your heart. I am with you.

No longer sully your heart by layering on unhappiness on top of it. Your heart can always be in summer. If you have put blankets of suffering on top of your heart, take off the blankets. No matter what has occurred in life, you don't have to keep the after-effects close to you in your heart.

Your heart doesn't require a monsoon at all. There is nothing that says that your heart has to respond to any accident. Okay, if there were a monsoon where you live, it gets over, and then whatever ravage from the monsoon is left, you clean it up, and then you are done.

If a hurricane leaves tree branches fallen, you pick them up. And debris left in your heart, do the same. Put the debris out. Do not sentence your heart to unhappiness because of something that happened or didn't happen.

You have the inalienable right to lighten your heart. If a stone has lodged in your heart, take it out. Stones don't belong in your heart. Light rays belong in your heart. The Light of God is in your heart. Would you not make where I AM sparkling? Would you offer Me unhappiness? What would you serve Me? You would not bring Me any old thing you had lying around.

Pick up your heart, beloved. Wash it off, and put it back as good as new. For whom does your heart beat? It beats for you, and it beats for Me.

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Love and Light

My dearest GOD Thank you for the Love you surrounded me with. I therefore are extremely Happy. I love my early morning walk here in Paradise, where You helped me settle. I can not be unhappy at all because you are with me all the time. I am flying to Brisbane to day, with my beloved companion, to have a lovely family reunion. I know you will be traveling with us, so consequently we are happy and looking forward to the pleasures you have in store for us Thank you and have a nice flight with us, in our Hearts. In The meantime Love and Light to all. Jack

Jack takes us all along with him on his journey! Thanks

Such a sweet trip. Thanks friend.


" Light rays belong in your heart. The Light of God is in you,,,

The FATHER above sings us His Song: "Pick up your heart, beloved. Wash it off, and put it back as good as new. For whom does your heart beat? It beats for you, and it beats for Me." Tell Him your joy as you do what He wants you to do.



Thanks God and Gloria.

This Heavenletter is a reminder for me that I DO have a CHOICE, and that suffering is "optional."

With a little willingness, we CAN let go of our guilt, pain, and anger. We just have to be willing.