Follow the Arc of the Sun

God said:

Beloveds, you do not have to regret the past. Regret is the same as worry, except it applies to the past. Nor do you need to worry for the future. Nor do you need to worry in the present. There is no need for worry whatsoever. But how engrained the idea of worry has become! Perhaps you have considered it a requirement, a staple, a loyal companion throughout your life that you can't do without.

I would compare worry to a thorn in your side. It is never out of your mind. The thorn of worry keeps your attention on it. You may call it minor worry. Still, do you really need that thorn or even a sliver of it? You may think that where the thorn comes from is your problem, but it is you who leaves the thorn in your side. It is you who doesn't take it out. Thorns are to be removed, and so is worry.

Think of what it would be like to live in a worry-free world. Think of how fear would slide off its pedestal. It would no longer be fed, and therefore it wouldn't stay. It would leave. Think of the time and energy slots that would become available for other matters. What would you fill your life with when worry has gone out the window? And if worry should try to come back and peek in the window, why, you could simply stick out your tongue at it and continue on your merry way. You would know that you owe worry nothing, and you don't have to let it in.

What would worry take away with it in addition to fear? It would abscond with anxiety, dread, nervousness, depression, and despair. Worry keeps company with a bad crowd.

With worry gone, enter joy, delight, peace, wisdom, and fun. Certainly, worry is no fun.

A worry-free life would keep an even temperature. You wouldn't need blankets to keep you warm. You wouldn't need fans to cool you down. With worry gone, you would be even-tempered from now on. Think of what this would mean to the world. The world could settle down. A worry-free world wouldn't think of all the things it has been thinking of. No one would think of war. No one would think that loss could be possible. Boundaries would be a thing of the past. Without worry, who would even consider the possibility of lack? Abundance would surface. Love would lead the parade.

Let us declare today a Day of No Worries. Hail to freedom from worry. Hail to dancing in the streets and singing in hearts. Hail to celebrations. Hail to the international Day of Peace and Joy to All. Hail to the celebrants. Hail to the balloons. Hail to the one flag of the United World, and long may it wave. Hail to the abolition of worry. Hail to the arrival of four-squared love. Hail to laughter. The wolf is dead. Joy has been declared.

What would it take to make this day today a worry-free one? All it would take is for you to look to the sun. Follow the arc of the sun. Rise to meet it. Be enamored of the sun. Climb it. Ride on it. Hold it like a beach ball in your arms. Bounce it. Make it an ocean. Swim into the center of the ocean sun and know that this is where you belong. This is where your heart is. This is where you live. This is where you succor the world. This is your dance floor. This is where the party of love takes place. This is where no one is kept out. This is Heaven, beloveds. This is where I am. How can you worry when I AM?

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Fun Fun Fun yes I'm in...

Let's have fun today, like they say it in the movies! "You can do it!"


The Magic of Movement - We need to get people to move, any direction. If they move they will have a better outlook for everyday.

Hail to the one flag of the United World

I have not been one to whom tears come easily. Now here they are. Clearly, Heavenletters do come from a source that knows the human heart, ALL of it. The one flag of the United World. Oh boy! What will be on it?

And how much I love the little films that play in my head while I read. Fear sliding off its pedestal, arms flailing; sticking out my tongue at worry when it peeks in the window.

After so many years of practice, probably this day will not see my final farewell to worry. But the sun is shining. Let's see.....

Are there two more thrilling

Are there two more thrilling comments than the two above? MOM Magic and Jochen, you lift my heart.

Someone had better start designing the flag of the United World so we have it ready.

I realized as I read United World I liked it so much more than The United Nations. World implies Oneness where Nations implies separateness. If the title United World had been chosen way back then, I wonder if the world would be better off now.

Incidently, it is interesting that of the two comments above -- one comes from South Africa and the other from Germany. We wouldn't know, would we? In this forum, we are of One World.

This also makes me think of how much I love that there is a South Africa and a Germany and all the uniqueness in the United World.

I think you are right about

I think you are right about nations and about uniqueness. But we don't need nations for uniqueness. Every country has beautiful old names for its regions, names that don't imply nationality. Oh, I wish we were past nations and flags already. But I'll gladly accept the one flag of the United World. And the ones standing in front of a Biergarten with Löwenbräu on them.

Follow the Arc of the Sun

What a great message! A good tip: allow your worries to pop up, address them and replace them by opposite positive affirmations.

no worries

O how happy I am with this message!!!! Who can we be whithout worries........
How would we enjoy life to the max if we did?
What good has come out from worrying??? None!!!! So let God do that part and we just do what we can do and relax....we have his love as long as we have good intentions.....
love Iris

one world

I believe Nicholas Roerich, way back, had already designed a flag for a one world. Looks like the olympic flag but with one circle, I believe.

But it's good to be reminded ever so often, not to have anxiety or worry in your daily existence, because it closes the door of joy, happiness,jubilation and abundance!

Hail to the abolition of worry!

Thanks Gloria.

Beloved Victor, do you by

Beloved Victor, do you by any chance know how to find a picture of the design this gentleman made? Was he advanced for his time? God bless you for posting. Would love to hear from you more.

Here we have the "Banner of Peace" in question

Roerich called it Banner of Peace.

Have a look ....

Theophil, thank you so much

Theophil, thank you so much for showing this to us.

I have no idea what I expected. I think I would like something more worldish-looking.

Santhan did something for last Heaven News. I'm going to take a look at it now with new eyes.

God bless you, Jochen and Theophil, for your help with this.

Gloria, I totally agree with

Gloria, I totally agree with you ! I looked at the wikipedia page and kept looking but it does not feel much as representative for the world, but that is just a personal feeling.

much love to all !

I Agree, use it or loose it....

I would rather like to see a Big Heart with a Sun in it and the rays shining out of the heart, to every corner and edge of the flag.

Love and Light!

Thank you, Thank you God!

The Magic of Movement - We need to get people to move, any direction. If they move they will have a better outlook for everyday.

I love the sun's rays

I love the sun's rays shining out.

Is there someone who knows graphics who would like to sit down and start designing. I think it will happen. What Santhan did on the last Heaven News is close. Where it says Heaven around the world, it could say The United World.

Is there someone who would know how to copy the picture and show it to us on this thread?

I love your ideas and participation, Magic.

Research as to 'Nicholas Roerich'

I think, you will find more about Nicholas in the USA than in Middle Europe .... because he had good relations to the White House - because there is a Roerich-museum in the States, too ...

please look ...

What a glorious Heaven

What a glorious Heaven Letter for an amazing day! Let this day be the first day of our lives! Let us join hands across the miles. Let us cast worry, fear, anxiety, depression, despair upon the sea where it will dissolve into nothingness. Let us untie the knots in our stomach and send it to make a beautiful rainbow; let us free the butterflies of anxiety to fly freely and transform the world with beautiful color. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this beautiful message!

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said where I AM
The party of love takes place
And where you belong

God said hail to it
A world of peace joy and fun
A worry-free world

Love, Light and Aloha!

Heaven Answers • December

Heaven Answers • December 25, 2006
Governors of the Universe

Gloria to God:
Dear God, the people at the Bucharest Godwriting™ workshop were sensational. They came in pouring out love. They had already read Your book, and they loved You to begin with. They were so beautiful I don't know what to say. It was like being in a movie, God, like Chariots of Fire, like Rocky, only better than any movie. For a little time on Earth, I knew how brilliant love could be, how there could be so much of it given and so much received, how hearts can sparkle and all the light bounce off all other hearts. God, I have had a peak experience. I understand how people want to bow down to You. My heart has been kissed by Your love given by the people in Romania who came to the Godwriting™ workshop.

.01. Simply enjoy the love so willingly given.

You may be sure I made the point that all applause is for You, God.

.02. Waves of glory swept through the purity of hearts rising to Me in that auditorium in a part of My world called Romania. Those waves have crossed oceans and healed many hearts. You see now how there are no borders. That room of love was like a sun that warms the world with pleasure. No country is separate from another. No heart is separate from another. The orchestra of the world is building to a great crescendo. It is just beginning.

.03. Beloveds, there will be more than peace on Earth. Yes, there will be peace on Earth, but even peace is not enough. There will be love on Earth. There will be love.

.04. Everyone will be greeted as though an emissary from God. There is no "as though" about it. Everyone is My emissary. All hearts will rush to embrace every heart. Everyone will be a guest in everyone's heart. All will be mother and father, sister and brother, and son and daughter to one another, the ideals of which you have wistfully read in books. The lovingness of family will come true. All families will be healed. Every heart will fit into every other like infinite Russian dolls, one layer after another appearing, hearts leaping. Every heart on Earth will be huge and full, and yet there will be room for more love to come in. Love is going to burst forth on Earth, like flowers bursting forth all at once. The biggest bouquet of love on Earth is getting a send-off, greater than any mission in space, greater than any power in any atom, greater than any fireworks. Beloveds, hearts are going to go off. They are releasing themselves from bondage.

.05. Hearts have been tethered like elephants to posts. And now the tethers and now the posts are removed. Joy bursts the bounds. What a celebration of love there will be! Love is going to burst forth. There will be a revolution of love. Hearts are going to rise up in rebellion to the old order. Hearts will tear up all the programs that have quelled their love. Hearts are going to announce their independence. Hearts will march. Peace parades will become love parades. Love will ride on floats in pageants. Mayors will declare every day Love on Earth Day. There will be no need to declare because love will already have taken over the world. Partisans of love will have come out of the forests. The only arms known will be the arms of love. Hearts will be disarmed. Hearts will be in an array of disarray, hearts tousled, hearts askew like hats, hearts beating to beat the band, hearts unstrapped, hearts rising, hearts demanding to burst their seams.

.06. There is going to be a great explosion of love on Earth. You will be caught in it. You cannot escape it. Love is in the cards. It is written in your palm. It is entered in your heart. The explosion is contagious. There is no antidote to it. Get ready for love to take center stage. Love is going to walk right up to you, and you will submit. Once and for all, any thread of resistance to love will dismantle itself.

.07. You are going to love as you have never loved before. You will not believe what you once took for love, now that your heart has opened itself and taken its rightful place as Governor of the Universe.

Oh, wow, that is beautiful.

Oh, wow, that is beautiful.

There is something special about being in a Godwriting workshop. Something happens. All are beautiful. Even a workshop with one person is a thrilling experience. It's possible that all the love was more obvious in Romania because it was reflected in 125 people.

Heavenletters changed my whole life, Jochen. I was not accustomed to being part of such love. For instance, all the beauty and blessings of this forum overwhelm me. It is really true I have to (metaphorically) pinch myself to believe what is happening.

Yet every moment is not perfect bliss, as anyone who has read the blog knows, yet the lows are much higher than the lows used to be.

Wonderful! Thank you

Wonderful! Thank you GLoria! I wish I read it this morning! Love, Sasha