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The Flower

Let us walk in nature, O One
May our nature as we walk be to quietly observe
The wondrous journey for which we have come
You and I, and All
To laugh, to live, to play, to love
This is why we have come!
In the meadow
A most beautiful flower
Offering itself
To be touched
Let us breathe it's fragrance into our being
Here to remind us of our love
Guiding us back to our much
And now
As we leave not the now
Looking upon these outstretched arms
Receiving of
Extending towards
The Sun
Can we truly feel this embrace?
Does this delicate demonstration of safety and trust
Of fellowship
Lead us to equally feel cared for and safe?
Let us continue then, as such, to carry on
By not carrying on
Let us meditate upon
Tarry long past day
And into the night
Witnesses unto this same spirited kinship
Albeit of a slightly transformed type
Communing with the moon and the stars
In play with the selfsame light
Even stiller now let us be
In the spring, it's silent whispers are heard
And it is born
In summer, it's secret desires are revealed
And it is enriched
In the autumn, it holds hands with the leaves
And is refreshed
In winter, if fills the night with dreams of love
As it sleeps
Lament not, O One
For it rests that it may blend with it's even sweeter smell
With our loveliest song
When you take to slumber
It, as well, shall visit your dreams
And upon awakening, it's memory shan't fade from your day
Part from you, it can't
Rather, it's seeds are already blossoming in the spring of your today

:)'s mike

more cyber hugs to you

:Rolleyes: more cyber hugs to you dear ..

Love and blessings to God's sweetest poet :blushing:


(Milan, Italy)

Berit, u sure know how to

Berit, u sure know how to make one's always, thanks...namaste...mike

p.s. - i love this international connection thing....i don't get out much, though i've been here and there...but Europe, Italy-Spain-France-and everwhere else, would be so cool....and Greece, wow, amazing stuff...which reminds me of the mindset that not only acknowledges "external" beauty but that says, "I Am expressing myself as this flower, this ocean, this beach, this land"...this brings us back to Onenes and not just this and that, us and them, in and out...all my love dearest Child of Life in the Most High...mike:)