Finding Yourself

God said:

As you come to know Me, and consciously know Me well, you have seen more of My light reflected in the eyes of those you meet. You have seen this. You have noted this. You have had peak moments when your heart was full of Me and full of the world. You have had moments, days, weeks, months, when all is Unity. How far you have come. And then, perhaps suddenly, perhaps gradually, you may sense yourself falling away from life in the world, or the world is slipping away from you. How can this be? How can you feel so present with Me and yet so far from the world at large and even the people in your life.
There may come a time, when you know Me, when you share Me, when I am notably established in your heart, and well, beloveds, you settle in and find that seemingly nothing can compare to the sense of At-Homeness that you feel with Me. It is as if everything pales next to Me. You have Me fully in your awareness, and not the world. Suddenly or gradually, there are those moments when life in the relative world does not fill your heart to the same extent that I do. The world and the people in it may not have the charm for you that they once did. World life feels flat. You move in it, and yet you feel out of it. You feel half-hearted about the world. You feel you have lost something and that you have gone backwards. The world and the people in it become more like cardboard world and people. This certainly does not feel like evolution to you.
What is happening is that your personal involvement has lessened. Your personal ownership has lessened. You may even feel that you do not exist. You can no longer feel the boundaries of yourself.
It is really true, beloveds, that as you find yourself, you lose yourself. This may feel like separation to you. You are separating from your personal self. The personal is fading. This may feel like a loss to you and a step backwards. You may feel that you have lost your heart, not given it away to another, simply lost your heart somewhere in the ether, and you feel you may never find it again. Hang on.
Life will not be the same for you. The world will not be the same. When you come out of this tunnel you feel you are in, you and the goldenness of life will be stronger. This that I speak of is beyond the Union of Heart you have been used to. It will be great Union with Me and a reunion of sorts with the world.
The vicissitudes of life will not affect you as they once did. Emotional attachment will be less. For now it may seem to you that you are disconnected. You are disconnecting from the past and your past sense of what life is.
You have just climbed a new mountain, beloveds, and you are at a higher elevation where you see differently. You may miss your old mountain and the view you had. This larger perspective may not be what you thought it would be, and yet you will see clearly and you will integrate with the new height you have risen to. You do get to where you wanted to be. You are like a boy scout who went to the camp he wanted to go to, and then he finds himself homesick. Soon enough, he becomes acclimated to camp.
Soon enough, you will acclimate to your new mountain. You will serve the Universe greatly.

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white on white

Your words today fall like white on white, all is indistinguishable to me."The world and the people in it become more like cardboard world and people", yes indeed. "You may even feel that you do not exist", exactly. "There may come a time, when you know Me", what ? Is it not for certain ? "It is as if everything pales next to Me", I am sure of it, but then You say: "The vicissitudes of life will not affect you as they once did. Emotional attachment will be less". To climb this new mountain just to be a little less affected? Very realistic. I feel I do not recognize neither the world nor You with all this milky fog.

Emilia, I hear you, I

Emilia, I hear you, I recognize what you are saying. I wish I could push a button and the sun would come out, all would seem as well as we are told it is. I wish I had words to make things right but someone will come along. For now, as we trudge along because that is all there seems left to do, I can only say, hang in there.

So Charles, while we trudge

So Charles, while we trudge through the mist, we can at leatst hear each other. Please keep on speaking, or singing, or whistling...untill we will bump into someone.

So Charles, while we trudge

So Charles, while we trudge through the mist, we can at leatst hear each other. Please keep on speaking, or singing, or whistling...untill we will bump into someone.

There may come a time, when you know Me

I'm not a master of English (or any) punctuation, but the comma makes me feel that this sentence (the structure of which is not clear to me) says something quite different. I may be wrong, of course.

With Deepest Gratitude

I've been viewing your blog for a few months now, since March of this year, I believe, and I must say that I truly look forward to new posts with eager anticipation. Your writings are more than inspirational, they touch my heart in a way that few other writings do.

Your posts help me make sense of an otherwise frenetic life; they soothe my heart, slow me down, calm me, reassure me that my ever-deepening relationship with God (along with all the accompanying feelings!) is moving forward at exactly the right pace, in exactly the right direction.

April was for me just as your blog predicted - right down to the specific dates! April 14th through the 17th were horrendous! I truly felt as though everything was coming apart at the seams. But then came the first week in May, after I’d weathered the storm (through prayer and community and counsel), and my life (and my goals and my dreams and my heart’s desire) are stronger and closer and more real than ever.

I suppose I just want to thank you. It’s rare, outside of church, to find a safe place to express my devotion to God and to the path He’s put me on. Bless you for making this safe place available.

~~Joanne Ravonni~~

Beloved Joanne, I hope you

Beloved Joanne, I hope you know what an inspiration you are and what you have done for my heart this morning.

Will you tell us more and post often?!!

God bless you.

With love,



Dearest Maestro, Creator and Being of Radiant Truth, I have been listening this morning
to an Ascended Master Guide take me on a guided meditation. Relaxation is the key
that opens the door to the discovering of great and UNSEEN FORCES OF LIGHT all around me.. I see Golden Particles of YOUR GLOWING CREATION and as I breathe, I breathe in these Golden Particles and I feel THY GOLDEN PRESENCE, thus the former
self doesn't seem to have much of a reality anymore. EVERYTHING PALES WHEN I FEEL THE GOLDEN PARTICLES OF CREATION overshadowing my former self as it becomes
less and less emotionally attached to other people, and that means - from the past.


Today's Letter Hit the Hurting Spot in My Heart

Dear Heaven Letters:

Today's letter really hit the hurting spot in my heart as it addressed exactly what has been happening, or not happening, lately. Just said today, "This too shall pass."

As has been said before, the letters that are received daily are appreciated so much, mean so much, and so often synchronize with what's happening.

If we don't say thanks everyday, it's not because we aren't grateful, it's because we are spreading the message to others.

Love & Light.

From here to eternity,

Thoth 11:11 >;< >;< >;<
Richmond, VA USA

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said you will see
That as you come to know Me
You will find yourself

Love, Light and Aloha!