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Filled To The Hilt


There are no enemies
Point blank
Straight up
When it comes to My Family Of Love
Now this doesn't mean
In stating the "obvious" here
That to fear ones won't habitually adhere
That you'll all think or act in accord to like
That some won't play their parts of dislike
While "others" likewise shed their tears
Merely that
Created by Divinity
You're All a Part of connectivity
As My Alikes
Perfectly Safe Within Me
Forever Held Dear
Untouched, in Truth, by any and all imagined fears
O Children of Mine
That long for and struggle with and many times fight
Often needy like the children within your physical life
Be Kind
Not because this will win you some heavenly prize
Not in order to jump the order of favor or merely stay in line
So you'll survive
There Is no "line", nothing to survive
When it comes to My Life
"Just" the Reality
The Finality, if you will
OF EveryOne
Born to Thrive
It may not often or always feel as so
Because You identify oh so with the throes
Yet instead of this
Take time to read, to listen a bit
To play with, to Be with
To "go" Within and Know
That What Is Mine
Cannot be unkind, unwise
Or otherwise ill-defined
Remembering Our United
You'll mend the belief in severing of ties
In this kids game of hide and seek you play
Know if you are seeking, still you are hiding
Come out Now, if you will
Into the Still
Be the Ones, Finding
You Are Found
Filled to the Hilt

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

"You are found" We are

"You are found"

We are indeed Beloved Brother ~ we are all finding ourSelves ~ and how wonderful it is!


Yeperdoodles, God's Daughter

Yeperdoodles, God's Daughter Our Sister Mary the always your insights are in tune and right on cue, in time with the song of life...big ole coolaid smiles right back atcha...mike :thumbup:

...but ~ er ~ what exactly


...but ~ er ~ what exactly are 'Yeperdoodles' Brother Michael?

:? Huh: :Rolleyes:



just the long version of

just the long version of in jimdandy is a way of sayin i'm doin cool...or exactamundo is wishin to express exactly...maybe it's mike language but i'm more or less like a sponge so i'm sure it came from someone...out there:) ...otherwise, it's just me that's really "out there"...which very well may be true! :)

here's a perhaps obvious but nevertheless little trivia ? where did "supercalafragalisticexpialadocious" come from? give a starts with a c...and ends with a bang!

Oh I seeeeeeeeeee ~ silly

Oh I seeeeeeeeeee ~ silly me!