Fill Your Heart

God said:

Who are you to declaim your worth? Who are you to find yourself worth less than I say? By what right do you deny that which I have ordained? By what conceit do you wish to prove to Me that you are less than I attest to? Where is the humility in that? Where is the gain? And what is the point?

Beloved of God, you are beloved of God. Let My love enter your heart now and forevermore reign there. Accept that you are My own True Love. Accept your rights and privileges and proclaim yourself Child of God, which is the same as to say, Child of Goodness, Child of Beauty, Child of Truth, Child of Love, Child of Light, Child of Love Supreme, of Love Unending.

You seek so much love when you are already steeped in it.

Even those who feel hate and believe in its authenticity are stoked by the energy of love. They love their hate with all their might. Do they not treat it as a loved one? Do they not clasp it to their bosom, give their troth to it, pledge their fealty, make a ring of righteousness and wear it around their heart?

In anger, the energy of love goes backward. It thrusts upon itself, and would destroy itself if it could. Hate and anger would destroy the very love that fuels their wish to hurt. Yes, all hate is of the self projected upon a screen of others. The truth of love is camouflaged, and altars built to justify the camouflage. Tear down the posters of untruth. Anything but love is untruth. Only love is Truth. Start from that premise and see where it takes you. It will take you all the way to Me.

Seek not so much love from others' hearts and others' actions. Seek more to find the love in your own heart which is yearning to be found. All your protests about this one and that one and this event and that event are your protests against the very love you seek. Love knows not of protest. Love only knows love. Instead of protesting love, accept it. Include it in your plans. Include love, and the very idea of war will be removed from the minds of men and from the face of Earth.

Negative emotions are concepts objectified. You twist your heart made of love, and it yells. You have discomfited love, and it hurts. Soothe your heart with the love it is made of. Disburse concepts that wreak havoc. Havoc merely distracts you from the love your heart is full of. Havoc would enlist you to focus on something else and be diverted from your own love. Upset your love no longer. Upset it not at all.

Premeditate upon love rather than scorn. If you must have a cause, make it a cause of love. Don't waste your time on anything else. Anything else but love is a waste of time. It is a waste of love.

Right now open your heart. Squeeze out anything less than love. Now picture blowing your heart up like a balloon. You blow it up with love. Your heart becomes a balloon of love. There is no end to the filling of this balloon. Keep blowing it up. Your chest cannot contain it. Soon the balloon encompasses everything around you. Suddenly your heart is filled with the entire universe. Everything that exists is in your heart. Heaven and Earth live in your heart. And still there is room. The balloon of your heart swells with love and encompasses the dimensionless, encompasses the unencompassable, encompasses all hearts, encompasses Me.

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Other forms of hate

“Yes, all hate is of the self, projected on the screen of others.”

I have judged those who torture and murder that I heard about on the news. We hear of so many vile actions against defenseless babies and other innocents. I have imagined appropriate punishments, feeling self-righteous as I imagined them. It seems that these judgments are the first cousins of hate, yet in feeling this hate I see that I am hating myself. Or so this letter seems to say. And this seems correct to me, now…….Chuck