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Favorite Heavenletter Quotes

A little silly...but fun to have favorite heavenletter quotes. Silly....since all Heavenletters are equally filled with love and are trully transformational in unique wondrous ways. Fun...because even in an infinite meadow of wildflowers....some flowers may stand out as being quite unique...if not stunning...and have an ability to connect us to love....before the mind jumps in to consider and ponder.....ha ha.....So with that are some favorites that have already gone out to the public under the newly released "Just for You" project in Sedona, Az Much love....Jim(i)

First selection of Favorites...

The following amazing quotes are unique to themselves and stand on their own..... but unusual because they come from the same Heavenletters...#416
...... Lanterns Strung across the Universe.....enjoy!

“This is a great occasion today to discover that your growth is limitless. Unbounded means limitless. You are an unbounded creation of Mine, and you far exceed your grandest dreams. You are an arc of stars that My hand makes. You are not imperceptible. You are perceptible. And it is My greatness and yours that you are to perceive.”
Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

“You are not a fallen star. You are a star that has not yet risen.”
Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

“The star in the sky that heralded the birth of Christ was his own light shining in the cosmos. The light the Magi followed was a reflection of their own truth, and they followed it. The light you follow is your own.”

Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

“You have not let your light be seen. You have not shone it. You have not understood it. You have not conceived of it. You have not accepted it. But now you have no excuse. Take a look at your light and shine it. Shine it high. Shine it far. Shine it with your own vision. Let your eyes shine it. Let what is behind your eyes shine it. Your eyes shine what they see. See My light and so shine yours.”
Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

“Accept this: There is no one greater on earth than you. You are the greatest thing on earth. There is no one with greater promise. There is no one with greater love. There are only those with more love unleashed. Unleash yours.”
Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

“When you shine your love, it reaches everywhere. There is nowhere that it does not reach. Your light and your love are like Mine. What else could they be like if not Mine? My children are lanterns I have strung across the universe, and all you have to do is shine the light I gave you. That is what many have not been doing or doing enough. All can shine My light brighter still. It takes no effort. It just takes consciousness of what you are on earth for. Now you know. And now you shine forth the light that was given you and is yours to shine.”
Excerpt from Heavenletters #416…. For more, visit

Be an enricher of hearts....HL#321

"Be an enricher of hearts. Some hearts are staggering in their pain. They thought you inflicted their pain. They thought they were being fair in exacting pain from you. Now you will rise above their pain. You will not equal it and say they caused you it. Balance those hearts with your love. Give love to the suffering. Retaliate with love. For My sake."

Retaliate with Love.....Oh!

"Hang onto My every word..."

"Hang on to My every word now. Listen to what I say. You are beautiful. You are magnificent. You are holy. You are Greatness. You are Love. And you are My beloved.".....

Heavenletter #1492 Where God Is

Dear Jim, I am overwhelmed

Dear Jim, I am overwhelmed by these most beautiful quotes you found! Thank you so much for sharing! They are more than wonderful.

Blessings, Clemens

Dear Clemens, you should see

Dear Clemens, you should see what else Jim who lives in Sedona is doing for Heavenletters!

Hi Clemens...

Thank you....God's bounty of love is vast....and beyond any written superlatives...



Hi Clemens...

Thank you....God's bounty of love is vast....and beyond any written superlatives...

Hi Clemens...

Thank you....God's bounty of love is vast....and beyond any written superlatives...

melts my heart....

melts my heart....

Gorgeous quotes from HL #3606 Humbly Accept...

"Your not having full realization of your angelhood is part of your charm. How innocent you are. How illuded and deluded. You think you are this fantastic personality before you, and you forget that you are an angel I sent to Earth to mingle with other angels who are also fantastic. Each of you on stage dissemble and grab lines to say and forget your own.

Here, I will teach you. Say this to yourself: “I am an angel of God’s. He made me an angel to fill the Earth with love. He did not make me to cavil. He did not make me to indulge myself in battle. He made me to serve Him and to serve all His children in simple majesty. Even if I do not believe I am an angel of God’s, I can make myself into one by remembering what God says and what He says I am on Earth for. Humbly, I accept.”

Beloved Jim, it is amazing

Beloved Jim, it is amazing to me how beautiful Heavenletters are. It is as if I never saw these words you quote before, not even once! But of course I have quite a few times. The phrase that catches my eye this time around is "simple majesty." It is thrilling. What beauty we have stumbled on here. And it keeps coming. There is more and more every day that God blesses us with. Thanks, Jim.

A masterful Heavenletter quote...

"Welcome to My heart. Here is where you belong. If you have been seeking where you belong, I am telling you that you belong right here with Me where you have always been and never left. You always belonged.......from HL#3722 God's true Love

You will be happy if you linger with this little gem of a quote for a while....for it is very very powerful....far more than words...far more than just a favorite is a living, breathing invitation to be who you truly are...already!!!!!Yes...linger a while...then you will smile...and Know the Love that you are....already!!!!!!

Ps....I don't just read Heavenletter quotes....I inhale them....Jimi(i)

I Love

"There are no limits to me. I Love. That is the whole story of me."

from Heavenletters #3576 True Love

Another batch of special quotes...

I'm delivering to Greg (my friend who lovingly assembles the Just for You's)...the following new selections....

The following quotes were taken from a single Heavenletter #2215 titled: Truth lives in another Dimension:

“What I tell you in your heart, you can believe. You have sometimes been quick to believe other hearts over your own. This is not because you don’t value your own heart. It is just that you are not certain when it is your heart you are listening to or an idea, perhaps misguided, or your ego dressed up as heart. You would like proof that it is your heart speaking. Proof can come only after the fact, beloveds. Proof is manmade. Knowing is from the heart of God. There is no proving Truth. Statistics do not apply. Truth lives in another dimension.” Quote from HL #2215...see more at

“Sometimes you feel confident that you know what is right and then, it seems, you were mistaken. It seems you were mistaken because the results you wanted did not ensue. Perhaps you were mistaken in the results you wanted, and not in the road you chose. Life in the world is so confusing, beloveds, no wonder you sometimes feel in quandaries.
Come to the lake with Me, most beloveds, where it is serene, where the swans glide, and light sparkles and waves lap almost imperceptibly. Come in a paddle boat with Me, most beloveds, and let’s paddle your troubles away. Let Us see them for what they are. You simply don’t know what to think. Perhaps you do not have to think at all. You do not have to resolve. You do not have to solve.” Quote from HL #2215...see more at

“Perhaps you can simply say:
“I do not know the answers here. I do not definitely know this or know that. I do not have to know. I do not have to know that I am right or someone else is mistaken, or that someone else is right, and I am mistaken. I do not have to know anything. I do not have to be knowledgeable. My answer can be simply: ‘I do not know.' My answer can simply be: ‘I may never know.’ My answer may be: ‘I don’t have to know. There may be no answer to know.’ “ Quote from HL #2215...see more at

“Perhaps you can simply say:
“Now I understand that I do not have to be concerned with answers. I am concerned with God Who loves me no matter who or what is right or wrong. So now I can let life be. I do not have to know whether someone is right in their perception or not. I do not have to know whether I am right in my perception or not. All I have to do is to give love wherever I am, and wherever I may be, give it, give it, give it to everyone I come across. I will offer My love like the air for everyone to breathe.” Quote from HL #2215...see more at

“Perhaps you can simply say:
“This is my accepting life as it is and not trying to make it over in my image. Correct and incorrect can be mixed all together. I do not have to sort them out!
“I am not overshadowed when someone likes a candy I don’t. I certainly don’t mind. I don’t question it. I don’t start thinking that I should also like that candy and give deference to the tastes of another. I simply eat the candy I like, and leave others to theirs. And so I am with the thoughts of others. I do not have to ascertain their validity. It is enough the thoughts are there. Their thoughts are no more significant than hair color. “Thank God, I am finally learning to free others, and, in so doing, I free myself.” Quote from HL #2215...see more at