Far More Than the World Can See

God said:

Above all, open your heart. It is likely easier for you to digest the concept of opening your heart rather than the grander concept of loving. Who are you to love, you may ask yourself. All you need is an open heart and you will be loving as love is meant to be.

Open your heart to love. Anyone who knocks on the door of your heart will meet love. And anyone who does not knock will meet love.

Love is eager to meet you. Open your heart to everyone, and open your heart to yourself. Love Me, and you love yourself. Put the two together, and you have the secret of life. Only, it is no secret. That you and I are One indivisible Whole is known yet not grasped. That We are One is a whole epic unto itself.

You have believed in so much else. You have believed in distraction. You have believed in disbelief. You have believed in helplessness and hopelessness. You have not believed in Truth. You have not believed in yourself. You may or may not have believed in Me, and yet you have not quite assimilated Our intimate history.

You are not entirely of the world. You are entirely of Me. This escapes you. You cannot cogitate this. Surely you can recognize that you are far more than the world can see. You are far more than you have seen. You have given great credence to the world, and less to what holds up the world, where you materialized from, what your significance is, how far you can go in the world, what you are for altogether.

I will tell you something else. Odds are that the more you think you know, the less you really do. The more answers you have, the less open you are. Let your heart and mind be open rather than closed. Your life is not an open and closed case. Your life is not cut and dried. Your life is an open book. It is unending. You cannot be defined any more than I can be defined. And yet it is within the undefined that We as One exist. We are unlimited. By its very nature, undefined means unlimited. Defined means limited.

The limited is complex. The unlimited is simple. Definitions are limitations. The boundless, by its very nature, cannot be defined. You can't outline it. You cannot draw it. The boundless, by its very nature, expands. There is no end to it. The expanded expands.

Boundless are you, and boundless am I. We are the same boundlessness, and yet you see yourself as less, much less. Begin to see yourself now as much more than you have seen, for you are much more than limited beliefs allow.

You too can be All-Knowing. If We are One, and I say conclusively that We are, then you are All-Knowing. We could say that you are in My pocket. It is as true to say that I am in yours, yet, of course, We (I, you, the I of Me) have no pockets. We are not sewed on nor are We sewed up. That is just the point. We are Vastness Itself. What I am, you are, and I am the Vastest of the Vast, and you are too. You bought limitations and you accept them as you would a price tag. You pay a price.

I do not tell you to bargain with life. I am telling you that you pay too high a price for ignorance. Ignorance is not the same as innocence. Innocence is open. Ignorance is closed. Be innocent with Me. Let Us be innocent together in Our Oneness.

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I understand!

I understand and I know God's mind very much!

You are entirely of Me

Hallelujah! Amen!

HALLELUJAH Heaven be praised.

Now I am doing back flips and furious caterwauling and dancing away the ceiling.

My mind is about to collapse.

'We are Vastness Itself. What I am, you are, and I am the Vastest of the Vast, and you are too.'

My vessel will hold.

I Love you my Father/Mother. I love you. I love you.

Let Our love pour to all Creation.

Let my Love flow to all hearts.


Victor has a way of saying it that makes me jump too.

Victor you have us all laughing and jumping with you in the exercise of joy. Thank you so much!


Beloved Victor, wait until

Beloved Victor, wait until you read the two Heavenletters written down this morning!

" What I am, you are..."

God is talking to your hidden self. Remember that you can only believe what you do believe and can not believe what you are taught by life to not believe. This Heaven Letter will help you get to your hidden self to prod it to open its closed eyes. This Heaven Letter will help you remember who you once were in a time before your journey into an earthly human being with all its life concerns.

"Boundless are you, and boundless am I." To believe this requires that you take issue with your old, confining belief systems. Love will do its work in your hidden mind and peace will gradually come to replace the complexities that life presents every day. But read the Heaven Letters again and again.


Beloved Gloria you are the

Beloved Gloria you are the vessel.

Beloved George you are essence.

We will take our hearts and stroll along the avenue of these Uncertain Times.We will walk smilingly without any fear.We will be the Beacons of pointing fingers encouraging others..
We will help the tired lonely and lost bring a solace of Joy Peace and Love to their wary and worried faces.


It must be that we already

It must be that we already are, dear Victor, all of us.

love and ligth,

dear God heavenley father,
thank of your beauteful advice
my loveng LORD
avoe and light,