God said:

There is a world design, and you are part of it. Everything fits perfectly. Regardless of how it seems to you, the orchestration is exquisite. Everything falls into place. It may well not be as you think it should be, but your thinking, by its very nature, is incomplete. You came to earth knowing everything. You agreed to the divine plan that you might now want to rescind. So now, because you must, you learn trust, trust of yourself and trust of Me. What else can you do but trust? What profit is there in distrusting? What awareness can distrust possibly bring you? I am talking about your faith in Me and your faith in yourself, for it is with Us that your reliance lies.

The ways of the world often are not My ways. When the ways of the world coincide with Mine, you are surprised and pleased. When you see unexpected generosity, it seems out of the ordinary. And that's just what you want to be. Out of the ordinary. The ordinary is not what you want, and it is not what you are here for. Take a look at the ordinary, and you will see what I mean.

You are extraordinary. You do not want to be the everyday man. You want to be the exceeder. Even if you are the only one in your circle, you want to extend Me wherever you go and wherever you are. There is nothing else for you to do, and why would you want to do anything else.

If you do not yet see the magnificence and significance of your life, then make your life magnificent and significant. Make it so that you can see. Even if you are the only one to do so, raise your life above the madding crowd.

Dispense with ordinariness.

When you rise above where you have allowed the world to place you, miracles you will perform. You will make them for others. You will make miracles an everyday thing. You will become an engenderer of miracles. That is what you will do.

And how you do it is to simply do everything for Me. Eat for Me. Sleep for Me. Give for Me. Receive for Me.

Remember, I am impartial. I love you all. No exception. And yet I am nobody's fool. I see Truth on all levels, and I do not pretend otherwise. I do not slobber My love, and I am not walked on. Eliminating your ego does not mean eliminating your presence and power on earth. Because you represent Me does not mean you erase yourself. You merit as much as everyone else. But you are worth more than this stuffed ego you carry around.

When you know your magnificence, you simply take care of matters. It is not that you owe anyone. You will be wise to the world, and yet be wiser than the wise. You are stepping out of the mold, for you have not been in the mold I made. Now you step into a vastness where the mold I made is formless and therefore the right size for you.

No longer will you allow yourself and your life to be cramped. You will not squeeze yourself into smallness any longer. You will exceed your enmeshment in life. You will turn the world toward Heaven. You will discover your angelhood, and you will dare to be on earth what you were made to be in Heaven. You will untie your earth bounds. You will be a deliverer of earth. You will deliver Me to it and it to Me.