God said:

Consider Me your food, and grace the meal, for is not the food on your table My grace? Am I not the Nourisher of you?

Consider the food on your table a holy gift from the One Who loves you most of all.

Consider every joy that comes your way a gift from Me, for that is so.

Look at the sunlight on a leaf from your window and acknowledge that this sight is a gift from God.

The whole of creation is equally a gift. The canopy of the sky, the clouds, the earth beneath your feet, green grass, and trees. Trees grow to Heaven. Can you think you do not?

Feast your eyes on all I have given you, and take it in.

Receive. Receive. All has been given you, and now it is for you to receive. Before you can receive, you have to recognize. Recognize now all that has been given to you. Gifts from Heaven spill all over you and all around you. Look.

Pull the trees into your heart. Pull the roots. Immerse yourself in the sky and the twinkling light of the sun on the sky and all beneath it. Drink in the sky and the pavement beneath your feet. Love it all.

In your heart, thank God, for I am the Giver of great wealth to you.

Am I not proficient in creative gift-giving?

One of the greatest gifts I gave to you is life. Yes, your life on earth. I gave you to you who experiences the light of day on earth. And I gave you, an exalted being, to the universe for its exaltation. You extended from on high, but do not think it is less to be on earth. I do not know how to give you less than everything. And so I gave you Heaven and earth. And you, to whom I give all of the Kingdom, are also a gift. The gift and the Giver and the receiver are not separate.

And so for every gift you accept, you accept Me. Reach out your hand for all that I offer you. Know what it is to receive the wonders of the universe.

Look at your hands, how lovely they are. They are lovely and useful. Your hands offer the universe to others. From your hands spills My energy. You plant My flowers and you sow My words. So, who, then, is the Giver of My gifts?

I have laid the world before you. I have laid yourself before you. In this rich life, every gift that you receive, every single thing you discover, everything you welcome, is yourself, you out there and you in there. Everything is indisputably yours and indisputably you.

Every sound, every color is you. You are many-faceted. At the same time, you are One with Me, and nothing else but One with Me. You are many-spiraled and you are single-stemmed.

You may think that your energy reaches only as far as your fingertips but your energy, which is Mine, reaches everywhere for everyone and everything, even that which you call past, present, and future.

There is only one stretch of land before you, and it is I and it is you.

We are all that there is, and so We are Everything. Everything is before you. Open your hands and your heart and let the energy spill out like a gentle rain on the earth. You are the giver of My gifts. I depend upon you to see them and send them and receive them. For, as I said, the giving and the gift and the receiving are One.