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Every new moment...

Every new moment is an invitation and opportunity to reveal and share the love that I am.

Jim, these are beautiful

Jim, these are beautiful quotations! Right to the point.

Thank you for posting them.

Where do these quotations come from? Who said them?

Welcome, dear Jim, and thank you.

With love and blessings,


Gloria: I wrote them...or

Gloria: I wrote them...or perhaps I supplied the ink, and God the well! Jim.
ps: The quotes appear when they are fruit on a tree. The "Beneath the busy marketplace..." is several years old, the others were "picked" last night...and the above: "inkwell" just a few seconds ago. I used too try to I just give God. (that's how it feels) It also seems like I am just watching a tree...and write only when the fruit is ready...and even God decides that. Blessings to you Gloria...and thank you for this amazing site. Those heavenletters are absolutely delicious! My tummy full...and my heart likes them a lot too...

Dearest Jim, thanks for all

Dearest Jim,
thanks for all the beautiful postings. They so inspiring and uplifting. A very beautiful connection to our very SOURCE.
Love blessings

Thank you Gloria and Berit

Thank you Gloria and Berit and Xenia.