Every Day, a New Page

God said:

Open your eyes to a new world. You are the ones who will awaken the Earth. You may think that you bounce off the world, yet it is the world that bounces off you. I am speaking of both the animate and inanimate world. You are a key player. The love you send out rebounds. The ill-will that you send out rebounds. Whether you think love or angst, you spritz them out to the world.
Before you draw conclusions to this, you do not play alone, nor are you to think that each wind that blows your way is something you earned or caused or is attributable to you. Thinking that way gets you nowhere. Besides, sometimes, often, you are simply an innocent by-stander. There may be ancient effects that suddenly alight on you, but you are a new consciousness now, and it doesn’t make sense that sins are visited upon you. Just don’t think that way. Don’t be looking for cause or reason. The fact is that now you have to let go of all the why’s and wherefore’s and simply get on with your life. Remember it is your life you live now that we are talking about, not some past life that creeps up on you.
You are in the business of your present life. If it is a cyclone that you get caught up in, don’t try to trace of the origin of your being caught in it. If life is climbing a flight of stairs, you are on a different step now. There is enough to deal with what is right now.
Get ready to take another step up and another and another. When you are at a great height, even in the physical world, you are told to not look down, for looking down and seeing how high you are may make you dizzy, and you may actually slip. Better to keep climbing, beloveds. Better to look up. Searching for your wayward responsibility for being caught in the maelstrom is not good use of your energy. To think of what to do now is good use of your energy.
Take a deep breath and exhale and let go of possible past errors. Everyone has made them. What’s the point of dredging up possible past errors. What light goes on when you consider that you were once a marauder. Let it go, the past. Look, you are learning as you go along. Yesterday you did or thought something that you would not today. It’s not such a big deal.
All of this that goes on with you in the world is not real anyway. You are swimming in the water of a dream. The only conclusion to draw is that, praise God, you will wake up from this dream. When you do, you will laugh at how seriously you took this dream. Dreams are not the making of you except as you flip to a new page.
Every day, a new page. What you once were is not who you are now. In fact, the part you played in the dream was not you. It was a role you played. The role you play is not you. Even if the role you play is that of a hero, you are far more than a hero. You are a soul, a good soul, and your soul is rising to your Divine Height which is your natural state. Episodes are not the making of you. Your soul knows what it is doing. Have confidence that you are enlightening yourself now. The past isn’t here any longer. You are free from it. Be done with it.

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approching the soul reality

hello .... god............
and hello to the persons who controlling this nice site ,
it is very nice feeling when i have found this site , really indeed , simply because i am eager very much to get some answers no human can answer in some cases ,

actually i am a spiritual searcher but unfortunately i have many questions i need profoundly to be answered , i read these ideas many times in many sites about the god thoughts or speak , like you are swimming in a dream water , you are price less soul , your thoughts is binding you ,

ok the question is if "The past isn’t here any longer" and i as example facing my karma or my past acts , and my karma not ended until now , so how the past not here any longer , how i can understand this , i want to be released very very much , i need to understand i need to feel free much much more that to read this wonderful thoughts in many sites , i love these thoughts but, it is seems to me always as words on the screen , no thing has changed yet , how the past it is not here , on any level that happen please give the answer

The Past is Purified

With each Conscious Holy Breath I allow Myself to rest in the Eternal Now. Thank you Heaven. Thank you God. I travel safely in the Arms of Laughter. I am Gentle with the Innocent Self. No more hatred, no more pain. I lovingly bring the Innocent Inner Child Home into the Heart of Matter. I am so sorry Inner Child that I projected judgement onto you. Knowing you sweet Inner Child is the Greatest Gift I have ever been given. I breathe in Love and breathe out Gratitude for the gift of Life's Innocence. ;-)