Every Being on Earth

God said:

When you open your eyes wider, you see what you may not have seen before. Just so, when you open your heart wider, your heart may love where it has not before.

How wonderful your heart would feel if you left it wide open, and it could simply love without instruction from you. It could simply love carte-blanche without reservation. It could embrace without waiting for a thumbs up from you. How happy your heart would be to know only thumbs up and never be acquainted with thumbs down.

This would be the end of judgment, beloveds. How much time and energy judgment has taken from you. It has become your boss, your tyrant actually. How conceited and supercilious judgment, the beheader, has become. Now, off with the head of judgment. Its turn has come. Don’t be squeamish. You never minded before turning your head and heart away from someone. You were like an imperious queen who swung her royal cape around her and swished away from her subjects, welcoming only other royalty and never the common man.

With the death of judgment, you will greet the unwashed as well as the washed. With the death of judgment, there is nothing that will keep you away from love. Judgment has been the structure built for withholding love. It has been a dam, and now that the floodgates are broken, love will flood the earth, and everyone will be drowned in love. Love will be swallowed whole, and every Being on Earth will love and be loved. Not even an exchange of love. It will be all love. Not love differentiated, but love, love supreme, love pure in the awareness of itself and nothing else.

Where love is, what else can enter? When love is all, what would love admit? The world would be a sorority or fraternity of love which has no initiation and to which everyone is admitted. All would be confreres on Earth. All would be collaborators, although there would be nothing to collaborate about, for all would be love.

Love would be supreme, but it would not be counted. There would be too much to count and no way to count it anyway. Love cannot be separated into divisions to be counted. If love had to be inventoried, you could count only as far as One. I tell you the score now. This is the score: One. Before the game begins, the outcome is assured, and the outcome is One.

When you allow judgment to argue this, what do you gain but more judgment? Has judgment been so enjoyable that you want to keep it? Do you really cast your vote for judgment over love? On which side -- if sides there were -- would you want to be on? Judgment or love? You would choose love. Why then must you persist in choosing judgment? Judgment does not make you mighty. It just makes you high and mighty. When you judge, you are snobbish about something.

Oh, beloveds, the tears that judgment has bought. The judged weep, and those who judge carry scars of the battle. What do you think judgment is but a battle? But it is not a battle between villains and heroes. You do not become a hero because someone else is made wrong. Whatever the offense of another, you villainize yourself with your indictment.

Find judgment guilty, if you must, and give it the guillotine. It has earned its just reward. It has defied love long enough. Adieu, judgment, adieu.

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"like an imperious queen"

" With the death of judgment, you will greet the unwashed as well as the washed", and You ask me "Why then must you persist in choosing judgment?". Oh, God, is it not clear?