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Everlasting Love

Never cease to thank Creation
For boundless beauty all around
Wondrous visions to behold
In great abundance found

And never take for granted
All the gifts that are bestowed
Every single second of life
With miracles unfold

Pause a while and contemplate
Feel as well as read
The vastness of The Whole contained
Within a tiny seed

Nature doth show all the key
Heart beats in unison
Manifesting Divine Life
Within The Heart of One

And so it is for you and I
Made of Pure Life Force
Omnipresent Love Divine
All One within The Source

For all is born of Father God
And seed of Mother Earth
They merge as One in All That Is
New life then comes to birth

For God both male and female be
Two halves of Love Divine
When Two are One in Love Itself
In radiance all doth shine