Even in Limbo

God said:

Beloveds, you have many questions to ask, and many answers you want. Sometimes you are clear, and sometimes you are not.

If your car is stuck in mud, you may ask Me to get you out, yet I bet you a million dollars you don’t sit there waiting for Me to get you out. I bet you do something about getting out of the mud yourself, if only with a phone call or digging your car out with a shovel yourself. You do something.

In other areas of life, you don’t know where to begin. You are stuck in a different way.

One thing to know is that you do not always have to do something. Sometimes doing nothing is all right. Sometimes sitting and waiting is not a bad thing. Sometimes you deserve a break from having to make decisions. A stalemate does not always have to be remedied, or remedied right now.

A time will come when the issue resolves itself, or the way to go comes to you, or you fall into it. What I want to tell you is that you can give yourself a break. You don’t have to be perfect in terms of your decision-making. You can be easy-going in life. Life changes sometimes of its own accord. You don’t have to whip life into shape any more than you always have to do nothing.

In one sense, you are the decider of your life. In another sense, life may throw you a curve, and you can’t seem to catch it, and so you feel stuck in limbo. Even in limbo, you can live life.

Life is not always at your beck and call anymore than you always have to be at its beck and call. All the while, life and you are at each other’s service. Life does not always have to serve you as you would like. Of course, you can always be sure that life has something up its sleeve. Maybe you want roses, and life gives you gladiolas or life doesn’t send you flowers at all on a particular day.

You don’t have to give in to life any more than you have to fight it. You don’t have to defend yourself. You don’t have to take life so personally as you have and tend to do. You do not have to be affronted by life. You can take life in your stride. It is, after all, only life.

Of course, life is a great gift. It it not so serious as you often feel it is. Remember that life is a gift. It is a game of hide-go-seek. It is a game of finding and not finding. And life always ends at the end of the rainbow.

One view of life is that it is perfect even in the inconsistencies that you may have battled and which baffle you.

Another view of life is that you can enjoy life as it is with all its seeming imperfections. If you cannot exactly enjoy, you can gain.

With or without what you dream of, you can be a gentleman who tips his hat at life or a gracious lady who makes life welcome. In all cases, life is not a stranger to you. You can know life as a friend.

Everything in life does not have to be overcome. Sometimes you live with life, and you make it as comfortable as you can. There is more to life than life in the world as you see it and think you know it.

If life were a bowl of fruit, there may well be beautiful fruit unseen at the bottom of the bowl. What can be seen on the surface is not all that the fruit bowl contains. And, yet, beloveds, cream rises to the top, and life is embracing you no matter what it may look like.

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life is a great gift

It's not that I do not like waiting on Life or on the service of someone else, but my Earthly nature has taught me to get up and get. And so it seems that I do not like waiting; whether it may be on the outcome of the day or the procession of the parade of Life!
I love it when I know that you are there with me. I love it when I awake in the morning and know that another chapter of my Life is about to be written!And so sometimes I push the boundaries of manifestation to bring the design and form of the day to my liking.But I must say that it was not like this throughout my early Life.I have gained much insight from you my Father, and much knowledge from your writings like Heavenletters and other similar materials.
I enjoy the wrestling with Life in trying to overcome situations. I enjoy the stalemate of tugging in limbo when I have to surrender my energies to the outcome of Life's offerings.
How can I not take Life serious?
How can I sit back and allow the currents of Life to sail my boat of Life?It's not that I do not trust the currents but it may not take me to where my kind of adventure is, I feel!I would hate knowing that we are going in the shoals and weeds of inertia all because I did not try.
I am learning to befriend Life and accept that it knows more and it knows better than me.But does it?Is it not me who has to drive the boat?Must I keep still and await the adventure?
My earthly nature keeps coming to the fore and sequester me in knots of anxiety.I know you know what's best and what is good for me for you have already walked and experienced these roads.
I must plod on however the pace of waiting slows down.
After all I am waiting for your promised gifts of Life and it will arrive on it's appropriare time.

I send Love to every Heart
I send Love to all Creation


I just love your post, dear

I just love your post, dear Victor. Your observations can fit many of us.

I don't know many people who don't take life too seriously. Probably what prevents us from not taking it too seriously is that we are still trying to control. Control and trust in God are antinomic just like, in many respects, doing and being. And it is hard to relax when we take things too seriously.

A good measure of our trust in God is our trust in ourself. And the more serious we are, the less trust we seem to have in ourselves. Probably seriousness=belief in time.