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Essay Art Poetry Contest

If one of you doesn't win this recognition, I will eat my hat.

Each submission should reflect a universal understanding of love, unity, tolerance, and compassion for life, reflect the ideal set forth in Global Love Day, and convey the intent of this year’s theme -- Love Begins with Me.

Mail ONLY to
The Love Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 10114
Tampa, Florida 33679-0114

Must bear postmark before March 31, 2008

For more information:

Ghee, I'll eat half of that

Ghee, I'll eat half of that hat cos I know the poetry in the Heaven community is mind blowing and heart stirring.

I second you, Senor.

I second you, Senor.

"If one of you doesn't win

"If one of you doesn't win this recognition, I will eat my hat." geez, well i'm sure none of us here would want that!, not even a "half":) so, as your inspireds, being love's kids, we'll come from the heart and send upon the wind...and since all are One from the Start...whoever it is to be, we'll all Be, in the win:) isn't love grand:) miguel:)

Oh Miguel aka everything

Oh Miguel aka everything else too!

I was thinking the exact same thing last night.
I didn't like the idea of there being 'a' so-called 'winner',
and thought that absolutely everyONE that entered should receive equal first prize!

I've seen this competition before, but never entered it,
but with your charming thoughts penned above, perhaps I'll think about it in a different Light now!

Thanks Brother!

Love you!



yeah, i/we here appreciate

yeah, i/we here appreciate the loving comments from Gloria and Heaven admin...we feel the embrace of support and equally anything in life...this is something to approach and address in gratitude and to take it in whatever be our stride realizing we all, though perhaps having "different" stripes, all come from the One you too...Divine Mary :)'s mike

Oh yes yes yes... I meant to

Oh yes yes yes...

I meant to add, that I too appreciate with all of my heart and Soul, the beautiful comments posted by our Beloved Gloria and our wondrous SAS. Thank you Mike for including that on my/our behalf! ;)

Love and hugs to everyONE!

mwah mwah mwah