Enter the Field

God said:

Although I am the Doer, still you have to do something. It is true that I drop treasures at your feet, yet you do not sit in a rocking chair waiting for Me to. You do not expect Me to rock you in the chair, so why wait on Me for everything else? Join Me.

Even though I am the Doer, you, in the relative world, have to get out there. When you play baseball, you have to throw the ball or catch it or fumble it. It would be a phenomenon for the game to come to you and for you to take pleasure in it. Do not deny yourself pleasure.

When a feast is before you, you are still the one who has to eat. Feed yourself.

When you are looking for work, find it. It may arrive on your doorstep seemingly unrelated to your pursuit – or is it?

When you want to become more prosperous, better to do something. Perhaps an unexpected boon will fall into your lap, but, meanwhile, you do not wait for the boon. Anticipate boons, and use your own muscles.

Yes, I am the Doer. I am the Ultimate Giver. And, yet, you are a performer for Me on Earth.

Perhaps your stirrings crystallize your desire. Certainly, your stirrings signal your desire to Me.

Yes, I am the Doer, but that does not mean you are to be an idler.

Put your heart and soul into your little endeavors on Earth, else why are you here?

Just have in your awareness that I am the Doer. Give all you do as a gift to Me. Send out your resume to help Me serve you. Weed your garden. Plant roses. Pick up litter on the sidewalk. Do the thousand and one things that people on Earth do. And yet know I am the Doer.

There is quite a difference in knowing Who the Doer is and thinking you are your own hero. And yet, what can you do but go along as if you are a major contributor? You know, while you are on Earth, you have to do something, so you might as well get into action. Forge forward in life. That I am the Doer does not absolve you of responsibility.

Already you have noticed that your desires are fulfilled faster, more easily. You are surprised and delighted. And you may have done nothing but have the desire. This will happen more and more. A time will come when your desire is enough, and all will befall as you desire. When you desire an apple, there will be a knock on your door, and a friend will appear with a bushel of apples. When you desire a ride, a ride will appear. All that you desire will come to you in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, it is not lack of faith in Me for you to take action on your behalf and on behalf of the world.

Just know that what is accomplished is not accomplished on the surface level alone. Just know that you are a participant as well as receiver. Perhaps your participation accomplished nothing at all beyond your participation. And yet your participation meant that you were there, lending a hand. That of itself is an accomplishment.

Yes, the balance between doing and being on Earth is tricky. But never mind. Enter the field and trust in Me. This does not mean to lack faith in yourself, for, in the final analysis, you and I are One. So the active desiring part of you collaborates with the Silent part of you, and what We – I, you – desire comes true.