God said:

To those of you who do not seem to get enough rest, and you’ve tried everything, well, then, never mind about it. Drink your green tea, pinch yourself, be awake and have the idea that you are getting enough rest. No longer say: “Oh, I’m so tired. I don’t get enough sleep, etc.”

Give yourself some better propaganda.

Rest and appetite are not all they are cracked up to be. You can eat and eat when you have already had enough. You can crave sleep in the same way. Consider need for sleep as an appetite. You know very well that if you found out you won a big lottery today, you would be quite alert and wide wide awake!

What you tell yourself is important. Don’t turn yourself into an insomniac. Nothing is for you to make a big deal of.

You are well aware that I am all for your getting enough sleep. It is possible that you don’t really know what is enough for you at any given time. In any case, you don’t want to convince yourself that you are lacking anything. You have the resources within you to be fine. So be fine. Declare it. Own it. Let yourself know that you are doing well and rising above everything, even what the world might call not enough sleep.

Figures are arbitrary. They mean what you say they mean. With or without sleep, you are doing well. Remind yourself that you are not your body. You are ever so much more.

You may have the idea that you have either too much of something or not enough. I would like you to have the idea that you are just right! It is perfectly okay to want more, and it’s not okay to convince yourself that you are in need.

You want an image of yourself that spreads good cheer.

If you are not pleased with yourself, who is going to be? Have a healthy outlook about yourself. Have the idea that you are not deprived of anything.

Of course, at the same time, I tell you to get enough rest. Of course, I want you to sleep and to sleep well. However, it is not your mission in life to get an exact amount of sleep. Do well with what you have. Have you not made it this far?

Respect sleep. Respect your sleep and the sleep of others. Sleep is a great gift. What a great thing sleep is! What a great idea! How did I think of sleep and create it? It is a basic need, yet do not over-endow sleep. Do not over-endow anything. Do not exaggerate. Do not ration yourself quite so much. If you sleep a lot one night, fine. If you sleep little one night, well, you slept little one night. All is right with the world regardless.

You are not to live life as if you are without and have to have.

Do not believe all the advertisements that embrace the assumption that you are needful. You don’t have to endorse everything that comes around on the turnpike of life. You don’t have to buy it. You don’t have to give in to others’ beliefs and desires as if they are Truth standing right before you.

I sell you one thing, and that is love, variously called Oneness and Wholeness. You well know you can’t buy love. Love is your birthright. It follows you all your days, and you give love to the world and all those who are near or far. Beloveds, let it be known that there is no far away. Everyone is as close to you as I am, and I am deep in your heart.

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Yes, if you sleep perfectly

Yes, if you sleep perfectly well, you don't need medicine.It is the panacea for all physical and mental illnesses.The other peculiar point is, if you remain embedded in the Divine ecstasy then you don't even need sleep!