Enough of Requirements for Love

God said:

What is love worth? How big can love grow? True love, love that is not dependent upon the external, love that arises from your heart and alights everywhere, love that depends upon itself and itself alone. It isn’t dependent upon anyone or anything but itself. The love I speak of never runs out of itself. That is because love is the fuel to its own fire. True love is its own kindling. Love sees with the eyes of love. There are no splinters in the eyes of love. I love you young, and I love you old.

As you grow in love, not your capacity for love, for your capacity of love is utter right now, but as you grow in giving love without requiring certain attributes, then you love as I do love. Then you love because you love. Then you are love radiant that lights up any room and all the beating hearts in the room.

This is not a scholarly treatise I give. I am giving you the straight goods. The love you can give is equal to the love I give. I give without doubt. I am not mushy, yet I give love the same way you breathe. Love is Mine to give, and I give it. I give it fulsomely.

Once you countermand ego, then you too can give love without requirement. Whatever someone thinks of Me or does not think of Me does not alter My love. My love is a given. There is no way to stop the flow of My love. The little considerations that influence your love are not considerations to Me. I love because I love. Whether you are true to Me or not leaves no mark on My love. Nothing touches My love. The love I give is a given. My heartbeat cannot be stopped. It cannot be paused. My love is and it pours in sunshine or in rain. It pours in Heaven, and it pours on Earth. Love, which is never routine, never fluctuates in this heart of Mine.

My heart is full of love, and I have no ego. I do not have a speculated need to make Myself important. I do not have to have applause or even approbation or any standing at all. And you don’t either. Your heart doesn’t require the prods to love that the world holds sacred. We are not speaking of personal love here. We are not speaking of the mad dash of love that is rampant on Earth. We are not speaking of love that is dependent upon anything at all.

We are talking about your natural vision. When your eyes are clear, when judgment and ego leave, you too are left with love that soars and displaces all the riff-raff that got deposited in your heart. Enough of requirements for love.

Just love. You do not need someone to be a certain height before you can love him. He does not have to be of a certain profession. He doesn’t have to be somebody. He can be anybody. There are no illusions to your love once you get the hang of it. You simply love. You simply love, and your love covers everyone.

This is not an effort, you understand. If you have to cringe in order to exhale love, that may be noble, but it is not love. Love is not noble, you understand. Love exacts no price. There is no bargaining with love. Love is a state of consciousness, and once you see from a larger vantage, once you remove hidden and unhidden judgment, you will simply love. There will be love, and you will be it.

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Dear Lord, Free falling in

Dear Lord,

Free falling in Your Love is Rising

Thank you for your beautiful heaven letter.

Humbly yours in love and service


Is this on the Spiritual Community Forum??? GOOD, because here I AM. There is love, and even more love. As truth stands in this moment, there can ONLY be love, and my love for all that exists goes beyond words.

Yes, you are here at the

Yes, you are here at the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum. And all the love you bring is so very welcome.