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God said:

If no one had to agree with you, how much happier you would be! What is it that makes you feel you need confirmation from others? Agreement may make you feel strong, but does it make you correct? The whole world could agree with you, but how does that make you right? The whole world has agreed on matters which later the world admitted were incorrect, and so the world rescinded its previous conclusions. You just can’t rely on the opinions of the world. Here today and gone tomorrow.

You could be the only one in the world who sees as you do, and you could be right. You could have a million detractors, and still you could be right. You do not require bolstering, beloveds. Bolstering is unsteady. It has weak legs. Certainly, bounce your ideas off others, but do not rely on the good opinions of others. It is best to go by the rudder of your own heart.

It is a hollow need for confirmation, and there is no filling that hollowness, beloveds. Confirmation gives you a momentary lift, and then, bewildered, you seek more confirmation and more and greater. Seek Me instead.

How much does it really matter if you are right or if you are wrong, as thought of in the world? Life moves on regardless. You are wiser today than yesterday. You are inevitably more experienced today than yesterday, and that makes you more advanced.

When you no longer have to be right, you won’t need confirmation.

Even error brings you closer to truth. Every step you take is advancement in life. Accept that you are already advanced in life.

Life doesn’t depend upon how much you know nor on how little you know. Correctness is not the hinge of life.

Embrace life experience. That is what is within your grasp now to embrace.

Be happy when you learn. That is great progress.

Don’t think so much in terms of right or wrong. You are an experimenter in life. We can consider your life like a fan you hold in your hand. The waving of the fan cools you. Whether the fan is folded or flat, it works.

Beloveds, if you wait for perfection in the relative world, you will not be able to move. Better to fear not making mistakes. Mistakes are good for you. Mistakes don’t have to taste good in order for them to be good for you. Sweet, bitter, sour – all are good for you. Everything is a boon for you. Life is a boon for you.

Who has said it is so terrible to make a mistake? When you misspell a word, you correct it. What is the big deal? When you drive down the wrong street, you turn around and find the right street. Are not errors your guide? Abandon the whole idea of mistake, and then you will be perfect. You certainly will have saved your energy.

Yes, we are talking about energy conservation, beloveds. Put your energy where it brings reward. This is another good reason to leave the past behind. Thinking about the past, even the past of a minute ago, is a waste. Notice I don’t say waste of time, for there is none. I say waste of energy, waste of thought. I won’t say waste of life because no life is wasted whatever you may think.

And, so, I am confirming your life. I love you, and I love that you have life, and I enjoin you to love your life and the gift that it is, gift to you, and gift to the world. If you think your life is not a gift to you and to the world, you are mistaken.

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Hi Each, Just a slant on

Hi Each, Just a slant on this perhaps sometimes everyone does not need bolstering as such or to hear approval or disapproval,for what is,is although I can make changes in my life that may change the world for the better.. for the world to be a better place starts with me... each of us have different experiences in this life...

What i have found though when i have learnt the most is if I give a smile, or a hug and just be there to listen to a friend then for them and me has been a sharing process.. in humility and compassion... and then I pray to God, and he answers, when we Trust and have faith we have to leave the rest up to Him... God Willing...

Perhaps i have a childlike belief yes sometimes I admit i make mistakes... but we learn from them and can move on to begin again we pick our selves up and dust ourselves down to accept life and all it brings. To enjoy and Love this gift of life... All aspects of it. Luv Daisy Wonderful letter Gloria...

Beloved Daisy, what you say

Beloved Daisy, what you say is so beautiful and so sweet.

Just a reminder that you mean: "Wonderful letter, God!"

Love you, Gloria

Sweetest Daisy, I join

Sweetest Daisy, :blushing:

I join you in your "childlike belief" fully ! :big 8)

I too make mistakes, quite a lot. :p

Important is if we know where we want to go, what our goal is, what is it we want to express of our beingness and share sweetly and softly with others ? :Rolleyes:
It's the simple things that are great and in the simple and small things like a smile and a hug or what ever it maybe, infinite love can be expressed and shared, and that is what you are doing and why I'm glad to know you ! :wub:

Love and big big hugs to you :wub:

Hi Gloria, and Berit.. Thank

Hi Gloria, and Berit.. Thank you for such loving replies... and oooh so many smiley faces.. Thanking God always. Luv Daisy

I knew it, I knew that my

I knew it, I knew that my years and years of math studies were not waste. :big

So with the help of my previous studies, today, I am proudly able to appreciate GOD's algebra knowledge. :p

This Heavenletter is just like a proof of an algebra theorem, I mean, its structure ;)
It has definetly reminded me of aaaallll those theorem proofs. ;) But this is the most joyful one :thumbup:



Will you please explain

Will you please explain this? It sounds like a brilliant theory, and I would love to understand.

Canim Gloria, I had finished

Canim Gloria, I had finished my algebra studies 13 years ago. So my knowledge is not fresh.

On the other hand as soon as I finished reading this message I felt as if I read a theorem proof. I think the last paragraph made me think like that, especially the sentence saying:

"And, so, I am confirming your life."

Step by step, He aprroached the proof. He accepted some facts or situations and rejected others and vice versa, then He had supported His idea and proved it. Infact He is doing this in all messages but this message gave me the idea the most.

Santhan may know better than me, IT is an algebra science isn't? So what do you think Dear One?

Hi Daisy...i think child

Hi Daisy...i think child like beliefs and making mistakes are wonderful. Being a perfectionist is a big fat trap cause you're so afraid of what others will think (including yourself) if you mess up, that you are really too afraid to do anything in a new or even a slightly different way! When I color, I break my crayons before hand so I can use any color in any thickness at any time...and I always start with a blank sheet of paper so that way there are no lines to draw inside of. And then when I pray, I go into my heart and see who or what to pray for. Some people may think this is childish but it is not...but it is being a child...which I am. I like to pray but also I like to play. Hoping your day is as beautiful as a Daisy! Loving you, Jimi.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Today's heaven letter seemed

Today's heaven letter seemed meant for me, directed specifically to me. Would that notion be self-centered, I wonder? :)
Anyway, I spent more time on the heaven letters sites today, after that beautiful letter, and I even found your response to my letter too, Gloria, and thank you!! But before that I browsed around and read the wonderful stories of Gloria's life (stories can be so powerful) and God experiences. Gloria, your childhood was so succinctly described; even in those few words you made me see it, and feel it. It reminded me a little bit of places I'd been in my childhood. My mother's aunt was married to a butcher, and they owned a rooming house in the Catskills that we sometimes spent time in, in the summers. From 60 years' distance it came into view when I read your story.
That's what drew me to literature too, I think, because I too was an "English major": God speaking in stories. Somebody said, "God must love stories, S/He makes so many of them!"
Gloria, are you giving any other Godwriting workshops between now and whenever you might come to Chicago, in February or thereabouts? I can't wait!!

Beloved Laurie, keep telling

Beloved Laurie, keep telling us more of your story! And you also teach writing, I remember!

I do need to tell you more about the Godwriting workshops, and I sure thank you for asking. It's most likely that the next one will be in Chicago and on our way to Argentina! But that keeps getting closer and closer! It will be here before we know it.And you will get to meet Santhan as well. That is a treat, let me tell you.

After Chicago, we will be picking up Carol and Michelle whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Montana and Nevada! when they sponsored Godwriting workshops there. Hmmm, maybe we'll take you along with us too! Just kidding, (I think!)

Love and blessings,


P.S. Do you know to subscribe to postings that you want to know when you receive a response?

Dear Gloria Thank you for

Dear Gloria
Thank you for writing this reply! I just discovered it! And I think I did so by ... let's see, what the heck did I do... I think I went to "my account " and I clicked on "previous postings" or something like that, to see if I had a record! Anyway, whatever it was, I'm so happy to find this "reply" from you about this. Wow, on your way to Argentina! Maybe I will tag along! Just kidding. I think. Actually by the time you come I'll be back at work at the community college where I teach. But how great to be able to read your letters daily, both Heaven Letters, which always seem to be directed right to me, and of course browse the site for all the interesting things people are saying. And when I find a reply from you, that's amazing, as I said.

I always have wanted to visit Argentina. What a wonderful thing, to drive there in a trailer! Maybe one of these days I'll follow suit.

I just have to tell you that since finding out about Heavenletters, I am so happy. I wrote to you about how reading the site made me laugh and cry and laugh and cry again, and ... it felt great!! That was a couple of weeks ago. It has made such a difference in my life. I think the major thing that was "different" about these letters is that they reveal so clearly that God has an incredible sense of humor! (And I mean that in the nicest way.) I've always known somehow that coincidences and funny ironies are significant: and now I know it more than ever. Like, for example, the way every Heavenletter that comes my way really DOES seem to be directed at me! I know that sounds awfully self-centered, but ... it could also be true! God just might be capable of directing stuff to everyone that is exactly what they were looking for, or what they had to hear!

love and blessings to you too, Gloria, and to all who read these beautiful letters.

Do you know you can be

Do you know you can be notified of posts? I'm not sure how you do that now, but someone must know and can tell us. Some postings ask you if you want to. How to do it for comments under Heavenletters -- I'm not sure. That will save you from having to hunt!

I wasn't kidding about kidnapping you to Argentina either!!!

Laurie, I don't know if I've asked you yet if you have pressed the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator link? You'll find it in the right column above about 7 places down. Press that link, then the graphic, watch the spinning flowers, and then get a Heavenletter that is especially chosen for you! Have fun!

Well, it is true that I get

Well, it is true that I get to feeling disappointed when I don't find agreement with others. But I had to think about this, the disappointment is not that I need confirmation, but rather that I need people to work together with on common goals. The possibility that "I may be right" for instance, on my idea that "everyone matters," isn't enough for me; I will keep seeking to find persons of like vision.

I am presently a poor person (in terms of finances) as well as disabled, and feel it will take more than myself to create campgrounds for the traveling homeless, and very very low cost housing for people who don't themselves yet have the means. Habitat for Humanity has pioneered the approach of group building out of compassion and for those in need, but someone needs to do this for those much poorer than the populations served by Habitat in the US, and using natural methods and materials (adobe, cob, earthbag, strawbale), such that we with so little can be housed as well, and go on to help others do the same.

Seeking agreement and enthusiasm for one's perspectives can also be the means of finding partners for building heaven on earth. I'd like that kind of shared value and endeavor.

It is always wonderful to

:wub: It is always wonderful to share an experience with a beloved friend. The Heaven Letters touch my heart in a warm and wonderful way every day.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said all are good
I am confirming your life
Sweet bitter sour

Love, Light and Aloha!