Ego's Promises

God said:

Ego has its own entourage. It has quite a crew. Hurt, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, embarrassment, dismay etc. support ego and ensue from it. Whatever form ego takes at a particular moment, rest assured it is painful. What is there about ego that makes you love it so much that you let it lead you astray time and time again, day by day, minute by minute? It leads you astray from love. Love is the most powerful element in the universe, and yet ego tempts you. What is so beguiling about ego that it tricks you time and time again? Let’s face it: So long as you are ego’s pawn, ego is your folly.

For those of you who believe in ego more than miracles, know that ego works its own kind of miracle. That ego exists in the same world as love and it exceeds all rules of nature. Love is meant to fill the world, not ego, yet ego gets the most votes. This is at the least a wonder.

Where there is dependency upon ego, ego has its day in court. It has had years and centuries and eons. It has stolen the spotlight. It has made off with it. Ego dances upon the stage, and love is relegated to a bit part. I am talking about the world, not Reality. What a pretense ego is, and still you throw coins to it on the stage.

When you have had enough of ego, you will be done with it. You have given ego its power. It has none of its own. When you decide to be done with ego, it will be gone. But you haven’t let go of it. You have held on to it, as though it were a lifeline. You know it’s a broken tattered string, and yet you hold on to it, as if it had ever once done a good thing for you. You must think the pain of ego has some merit. Certainly you defend it. Love moseys along while ego does a fan dance, and you clap for the ego, and momentarily forget about love and your role in giving it.

Ego is a magician. Like a magician, ego gets you looking in the wrong place. Ego sends in a beautiful dancing girl of thought and skillfully takes your attention off the red handkerchief until tomorrow when your dream falls flat on its face. Ego seduces you, and the next morning it leaves you with heartache in its wake.

Ego has a multitude of guises, but ego’s guises are not infinite. Ego changes costumes and wears the same one again, and still you get caught up in ego’s promises. Love, on the other hand, is infinite, and still it is One. What is not love is a manifestation of ego. Can you bear the thought of this? Face it: What is not love is a manifestation of ego.

You are not innocent in this fiasco. You have been a benefactor of ego. You have funded it and promoted it, extolled it, announced it, featured it, cheered it. You have taken a perverse delight in ego. Certainly you have defended it.

Ego will come to an end when you part with it.

Ego is sticky glue that you can wash off.

You are responsible for ego. Of itself, ego is nothing. It is you who has made it a star. Because it has been a star is no reason to keep it so. Box office results are not so good. Ego has passed its prime. This is its grand finale. Ego will be catapulted off the Earth. Is that not a good thing? And are you not ready?

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything here. I now ask God to help me with the twelve step program of getting off ego. I face it, I'm a misery addict and I'll keep coming back for more.But I'm also sick of it. It is not even very interesting anymore. Borrrrrrrrring!!! It's time for me to get into ego rehab and quit this mad addiction once and for all.

I'm with you, dear Chris. I

I'm with you, dear Chris. I love the simple honest way you put things! God bless you.

I share your love of this

I share your love of this beautiful and funny comment, Gloria. Chris, are you there still? Can you tell us about the program?