Ego Unveiled

God said:

Beloved, My Beloved, on occasion, you may hold out belief in something to refuel your Soul. In all innocence, you may be mixing up ego with Soul. Ego presence may give you a temporary boost, yet ego will inevitably leave you high and dry. Ego is not your foundation. You cannot rely on ego. You must know by now that ego is a fair-weather friend. Actually, ego isn’t any kind of friend at all. Ego is a con artist. Ego is a spoof. Ego promises to marry you, yet you can be sure that ego won’t show up on time. In this, you can rely on ego. This is the way of ego. Sooner or later, ego will not deliver. Ego is good at disappointing you. Ego may enjoy having the last laugh. Ego is talented in making promises. Even if ego could fulfill his promises, he chooses to pull the rug out from under you. There is no way that ego leads you anywhere but to knock you off your perch.

Ego sees himself as a hot tamale for getting away with defrauding you. You may indeed feel that ego has really singled you out as standing above the crowd when his solid intention is to sweep you under the carpet. In this, you can rely on ego. No matter how often ego lets you down, he gets better at playing his game. He is practiced. The difference between you and ego is that you trust in ego. What you can trust ego for is to let you down. No matter how often ego boots you out, you still are surprised. Ego is good at what he does, and you are also good at falling for ego’s conning you time and time again. Oh, yes, ego is sure to hoodwink you behind your back and put over one or two or a hundred more passes at you. This does not make ego brilliant. It makes you dim.

Gather your wits about you when it comes to ego. Ego is a professional deceiver. I suppose We can say that you are a professional who steps into the same pothole more than once. We can compare ego to the villains in the silent films who ruthlessly pull the wool over the innocent maiden’s stargazing eyes. In for a penny, in for a dollar.

Of course, innocence is one thing. Being duped again and again is another. Innocence is no defense. Are there any true heroines in silent movies or just pawns?

Yes, of course, ego gets your hopes up. Ego promises you retribution and kicks your shins. This isn’t exactly because of your faith. It is because of your foolishness. This is your betrayal. Is once a fool always a fool your motto? It may seem you were born yesterday or might as well have been. Besotted with ambition, you cut yourself down to size. You bemoan being taken advantage of – again.

Ego clicks your photo for all the world to see on Facebook. Once again, you are caught on your own petard. Of course, no one makes you play the part you play. You just haven’t caught on yet. I’ll say it again. You repeatedly set yourself up and fall for the bait. Who cuts you down to size? Who hangs you up? Who is the buffoon? You and ego are both good at what you do. Ego applauds you while you wipe your tears.