Easy-Going Is the Path

God said:

It is not for you to fight against life. It is for you to work with life. Life is not out to get you. Life is out to soar with you. Even with little matters, go along with life. When you feel sleepy, sleep.

In terms of life, there is no saying: “I should.” There is no saying: “I should be wide-awake. I should not be sleepy.” Be in accord with life.

How many times a day do you perhaps say, “I should,” or how many times a day do you perhaps say, “I should not.” You are not some kind of reformation leader. You are not an opposer to life. Go along with it. Avoid being an oppositionist.

And when you are wide awake, it is not necessary to say: “I should be sleepy.”

Simply go to bed, and let sleep come.

It is not necessary to try to be other than you are at a particular juncture of time and space.

Nor is it wise to posit to yourself that it behooves you to be younger or older than you happen to be in the relative world. Nor is it wise to decide that if it is a rainy day, it really ought to be sunny, or, if it is a bright sunny day, that there should be some relief from the brightness of the sun. Whatever the day may look like, allow it to be the perfect day.

Let it be the same with each person you meet and the same with yourself.

The person before you is perfect as he is. Your mind does not have to decide that this seemingly other ought to be something else than what he is. If he is too quiet or too talkative, he is who he is at this moment. Whoever comes before you, there is no point in your deciding he should be other than he is. He will grow and change of his own accord just as you inevitably will.

And, yes, have some acceptance of yourself as well. Let it be all right that you are as you are today. Allow yourself just to be. If you are lazy today, it’s all right. If you are energetic, it is also all right. If you are lazy today, it doesn’t make you inferior. If you are energetic today, it doesn’t make you superior. You are a human being who lives life as best as he can, as best as he is, on any given day. Some people may always seem the same. Others may change around every day. Put your energy and effort on something other than making yourself be something else at a prescribed moment.

You will grow, and you will gain. You will surpass yourself. It will happen. It is unnecessary for you to force-feed growth upon yourself. Be receptive. Be open to change. You will get in shape. There is no need to whip yourself into shape. A little acceptance of yourself goes a long way.

Breathe, relax. You are just fine today. It will be good to stop judging yourself. Isn’t that what you have been doing? There is no inherent value in dissatisfaction. There is inherent value in being in peace. Calm is the path. Easily moseying along is the path. Urgency is not the path. Better to not cage yourself into a franticness for change. Change will come. Desire as you wish yet do not commandeer change. Let change come. Let it come to you. Invite it. Welcome it. No need to lasso change. Consider change a guest. You don’t have to move everything around in your house to make a place for change. Change will find its own way. Be open to it, and yet not insist. Easy-going is the path.

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Thank you beloved God/Father

Thank you beloved God/Father for pointing out to let life flow of it own accord.
Now I can go about life in its own pace without hurry.
Peace and smooth flow of life to all of you that I love sooooo.

Thank you for this message.

Thank you for this message.