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Each day a new day

Each day is a new day
a day that I can say
To choose the right way
to live in peace, harmony
to live with joy
can you feel a change,
in the air,
embracing life
can you not perceive it
it is there for us all to take
not despair
wake up
see God is there...
I don't want to miss a thing
just sing...
Thank you for my life... Luv Daisy

Sweet Angel, thank you for

Sweet Angel, thank you for your beautiful sharings !

How refreshing, dear

How refreshing, dear Daisy!

You know what picture came to my mind by reading your poem?....... A daisy flower, opening up at the dawn of day, reaching towards the sun in gratitude........

You made my day!

Hi Xenia, lovely Xenia thank

Hi Xenia, lovely Xenia thank you for your thoughts uplifting and Daisy flowers make me feel happy with their big open faces and i am indeed grateful for all life's wonderful experiences and being able to share on Heavenletters You have made my day. Luv Daisy

Love and blessings

Love and blessings !!!!

Hi Berit, ahhh they have

Hi Berit, ahhh they have such smiley faces makes me feel happy to see them Many thanks Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words... Wonderful Luv Daisy

Dear Berit, Isn't it funny,

Dear Berit,

Isn't it funny, that we both had the same idea? :big "Great minds, think alike." :thumbup:

My pictures didn't turn out as I wanted. What step did I miss? I followed Wun Luv's directions in 'How to post images'.

Would you be so kind and write down step by step what you did with yours and post it under 'How to post images" in the "Web and Tech Support" section? This will be also help to others who might want to share their pictures.


Hi Xenia and Berit The

Hi Xenia and Berit The picture really Great, i too would be interested to learn how to post pictures lovely idea.. and really has
cheered me up sending (((( Big hug ))) to you both Luv Daisy.

To post these wonderful

To post these wonderful flowers :Rolleyes:

I just selected "Reply" - then: select "insert/select image" - then: by the "Image URL" space you must give the webpage your image comes from. sometimes the heading of your webpage is ok, other times you stay on the image, then right click and select "propriety" and there you find the URL of the image.

I don't think this was too clear, but I hope it helps. Say if it doesn't work for you, I will prepare a file making a copy and paste of all the screens that appear.

Love and blessings

I did it Berit, and this

Wild Flower

I did it Berit, and this one is for YOU!

It took me a looooooonnggggggg time to figure out.
My first problem was, that the pic was in "My Pictures" in "My Document" in my PC and therefore, I didn't have a proper URL.
In a case like that, Wun Luv's advice is helpful.
It was clear to me that I needed a website to send the picture from and then it occurred to me that I have a Flickr(Yahoo) account and uploaded the pic to there.
Next, with the help of my husband, by finding the URL on "Properties", I was able to follow your advice and BINGO, the pic appeared!

Thanks for helping out!
Why don't you prepare a file with all the screens that appear and post it (probably under Tech, not poetry ;) ) and with a big "Subject Title" for others to see and be guided by?


Hi Xenia Love the pics,

Hi Xenia Love the pics, gives me encouragement i will have to have a go sometime, Luv Daisy.

Wonderful !! THANKS THANKS


I will prepare a file with the screens that appear, give me some time, I'm in a hurry now :blushing:

Love and blessings to all !! :wub:

Dearest Berit, How did you

Dearest Berit,

How did you know that I love horses? This picture touches my heart! Thank you for posting it.

When you prepare the file of how to post pictures, will you give us also the secret of how to post large ones like this one? What step is needed for that?

Have a wonderful week end!

When you click on the

When you click on the photos sometimes they open up in a larger version and you can copy and paste this URL.

I'm glad you love this picture, I too love horses so much, I had one myself when I was a girl. I really love them.
I once saw a kind of report about a couplel who held a farm and a lot of land for old horses, or horses who weren't able any more to be ridden, and so.... no one wants them any longer. It was a wonderful reportage and I'd love to do something like that !
Have just to by a farm and huge amount of land where there horses could stay..... 8)

Love and blessings
Berit, Italy