Dreams Keep You Going

God said:

A little ray of sunshine is still a ray of sunshine. Let those rays in. Hope is not much, yet a little hope holds promise. Make hope reality. Meanwhile, recognize that even a glimpse of what you want is an opening.

Really, when your thoughts are powerful, and they are, what can keep you back from fulfilling your highest dreams?

True, in life, not every single thing goes your way, yet some do. It has been said that you create your dreams. If this is so, and it certainly is often so, even in your terms, then it’s also possible that you block your dreams.

I will tell you that I sprinkle ideas right and left, and you don’t always see them or hear them. Something in your thoughts blocks the transfer from dream to actualization. It must be that your mind has kept promising ideas out. Your mind has kept ideas out altogether or has often tossed them aside, saying, “Naw, that won’t work.”

Having dreams and ideas is more important than their actualization. Dreams keep you going. Actualization will too. So, I say, actualize your dreams and offer them to Me. Offer your dreams to Me. Offer their fulfillment to Me. Meanwhile, you give your support to your dreams and make them come true.

Now, there are dreams that you can go out and fulfill. Odds are. If you dream of a ripe plum, odds are you can go to the store and buy one. The dream is realized pretty fast.

There are other dreams that you can’t hold onto so tightly. Edison did not go out to the store and find a ready-made light bulb. He made his dream true for you. Therefore, he shared it. It was not for himself alone. He thought bigger than the circumference of himself.

And, as Edison, plied his dream, he enjoyed his working on it. Make sure that you do. If you do not enjoy working on your dream, maybe it isn’t really your dream. And that’s all right too.

In life you are continually finding out about yourself. You are not always what you thought. Certainly, you are no longer what you used to think you were. You have made great strides, haven’t you?

Edison did not give up. It has often been said that the swimmer swimming across a wide expanse, not seeing beyond himself, gives up when he is actually close to success. Had he known.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s right to let go of something when you discover that you don’t really want it, or want it enough.

The chase alone served a purpose.

You are being prepared for something. You may have no idea, and yet you are. And every step along the way, you are being prepared, and you are getting closer. Your dream may not be what you think. You may not have been thinking big enough. You may have been compromising yourself, or simply followed a dream that, come to think of it, is not really yours.

To recognize that is not defeat. It is recognizing what is true and true for you. This is great progress.

No matter what your dreams, when they are fulfilled, you move on toward another dream. One dream leads to another, just as one drop of water becomes a cupful, or an ocean.

Dreams can be too small but never too big. Even if you don’t want the dream any longer doesn’t mean the dream was too big for you. It may mean you don’t want it any more.

Dreams change, and you are meant to change. Consider change growth, and keep growing.

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What God wants me to know...

For many years I lived the dreams of others, leaving my own behind. Even now, God is still sending me all these signals and messages. It's like if my Heavenly father is encouraging me to go on, to live my wildest dreams, to dare into something new. If I keep letting opportunities just pass by, how will I know how far I can go? Thank you, dear God!!! Thank you because you still believe in me.


keep going, keep going

Yes, that is so true...it's the dreams that keep us going. I really liked your use of metaphorical phrasing "that I sprinkle ideas right and left..." Yours is a very encouraging message. Thank you so much!