Dream Your Dreams

God said:

I speak of dreams of the heart. Your dreams are like flowers planted. You have to plant them so they can grow. Your heart is the soil. Your joy of imagination waters them. And then they bud and blossom as if on their own.

A dream is an idea. Let your ideas be the leaves on a tree. There are many leaves on a tree. See how the sunlight features the leaves and shines through them.

You were born to dream. Your dreams are not fantasy. They are realization that you are growing toward something wonderful.

Your dreams can pass through brick walls. They can leap the tallest building. Dreams are not meant to be stunted nor shoved away. They are meant to flourish.

Then you will say: “But dreams are of the future. Aren’t I supposed to live in this present moment of eternity?”

Live in this present moment of eternity. Let your ideas arrive in the present. Dream in the present moment. Just as you might say to yourself, “I am going to go sit down on the sofa,” and then you sit down on the sofa.

It is natural to live in the present. It is nothing you have to assign to yourself. If you become a watchdog about living in the present, then you are not living in the present.

So it is with great sanction that you are to dream. Your dreams are like notes you jot down on your calendar. Your dreams are something you go by. You are to remember is that dreams come true. Dreams are honorable, and you want to honor them, your dreams and others’ dreams. Dreams are not farfetched. Dreams are your way of calling higher to you. You must call higher to you. You must desire it. And you might as well desire it consciously.
Dreams are more truthful than facts. Facts are dust collected. Dreams are truth collected. Pick up your dreams. They are cast in your path so you will pick them up. They are not to ignore nor downplay.

Honor your dreams. They are the flags of life. They are lights to light your way. What color are your dreams? I say your dreams are golden. I am talking of dreams that are beyond the amassing of goods and new shoes. It is fine to dream of new shoes, and yet you also want to dream of riches beyond the physical realm. Dreams of amassing a bank account are dreams too limited for you.

Dream of spending this bank account. Dream of all the faces your generosity will light up. Dream beyond that. Dream of the good you will do, and how it feels to be a giver. Dream of sharing. Dream of dipping into the coffers of Heaven and strewing great wealth everywhere.

Dream of dreaming. Dream of a great dream reaching you, the same way someone might throw a ball to you in the swimming pool, and you naturally catch it. Have more dreams than you know what to do with. Let them swim to you like many rainbow fishes in a stream. Let them weave through the water. Reach down and catch one. There are many ways you can be happy. Pick one today. You can pick another tomorrow, or you can have your eye on the giant trout and let it come to you.

Dream for Me, beloved. Dream My dreams. Dream of My dream coming true.

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You were born to dream.

Much love

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