The Stillness of You

God said:

When I tell you to keep looking up, I am telling you to be in the present. I am not telling you to look away. I am telling you to see Truth. What you have been embroiled in is not truth. It is deception. You have deceived yourself.

You have pretended to believe in what is not true. Somewhere along the line, you knew it. You knew there was else. You knew that that which appeared right before you was not all that life on Earth offers. It couldn't be. If that were all, Human life would be pointless.

There is much meaning to you.

He Awaits You

God said:

The new Heavenletters are teaching you to be neutral. Being neutral is the same as not taking things personally.

But there is one thing to take personally, and that is I. Yes, take Me personally.

God Speaks

God said:

Today you will sit back and be receptive and learn.

Today you will put yourself aside and listen to Me.

You do not need your agendas anymore.

You were born attached to your mothers so that you could dis-attach yourself and learn your Oneness with Me. You don't have to go anywhere. You do not have to distance yourself. You separate to learn there is no separation. Only, you have attachment to separation.

You have been attached to your individuality, and now you will make way for Me.

You are all pure receptacles of My love.

Love Unfolding on Earth

God said:

The owner is the one who serves the most. The owner of a business works long hours. He works extra hours while he gives his staff time off. The owner is the one who cares the most, and he thinks about his business all the time. In his caring, he is not thinking about himself and all his likes and dislikes. He is thinking of the service that is his to give, and so he serves.

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