God said:

To receive what you want is easy, not hard. You think it is hard because you may have stopped thinking about the myriad of blessings that have already fallen into your lap. Taking them for granted, you may have turned your attention to that which you feel you do not have and feel you should. Forgetting all that is heaped up around you, you feel bereft. You may feel greater disappointment about your desires not yet being fulfilled than you have joy in awaiting them.

Disappointment is too short-sighted. Better to await your mule than berate it for taking so long. Await your desires. They are on their way.

You may think that taking longer means harder. Do you have to think that? Taking longer may only mean that your desire waits for the opportune moment to arrive full-flung. Taking longer may mean your vision needs extending and your timing is off.

In many cases, certainly not all, it may be hard to have your desires filled because you make it hard. Desires need the freedom to manifest. Don't hold on too tight to how and when.

Desire what you desire, and desire strongly, but desires are not indentured servants who must obey your will at a moment's notice.

Be glad that you have desires, for the ability to desire is also a gift. Desiring and fulfilling that which you desire are both blessings.

When fulfilled desires reach you, know they come as gifts They are not really yours. They come for you to see. Just as when you see someone else receive a meaningful gift and you are happy for them — that is just how to perceive your desires fulfilled. You are a bystander. You see gifts appear, and you nod recognition. You may even turn a few somersaults if you like, but you know that your eyes follow the gift given to you but you do not possess it.

By its nature, any fulfilled desire is the fulfillment of others' desires as well. You desire to buy. Another desires to sell. Two desires create one fulfillment, one fulfillment looked at from different angles. No desire can be fulfilled alone. Fulfillment of desires requires the enjoinment of others' desires.

Be careful in your desires that you do not make people objects of them. It is not for you to choose what desires another should have. It is not control you want. It is love. And the only love you have the say over is your own to give. Love is what you give and not what you take.

Others' hearts are not like oil strikes that you can claim. Desires do not have to be fulfilled. Desires are not commands. They are desires.

Where do desires come from anyway? Are they thoughts? Are they concepts? Did you create a desire or did the desire alight on you?

If a desire is a concept, then is fulfillment of a desire also no more or no less a concept?

Sometimes, only when a gift reaches you do you recognize that you had unknowingly desired it all along. A dream you did not know you had came true.

Today, I have a request, and it is that you have the little desire to be happy today. Nothing is required for you to be happy. You do not have to be happy about one thing or another. You can just be happy.

My desire for your happiness is very deep. I do not know why it would not be fulfilled. But do you agree that it is up to you to fulfill My desire for you?