How to Leave a Room

God said:

In regard to ego, when it is evicted, a greater vision takes its place. Only greater understanding can replace ego. You really do start to perceive and respond from a greater perspective.

Instead of hurt and resentment, bigger truths dawn.

You have striven not to take things personally. How you have beseeched not to be offended and hurt and resentful any longer! You have had enough. More than enough. You have begged for the ability to shrug off someone's uncalled for words or actions. You have had enough pain from what others should not have said or done and their affront to your ego. You have beseeched that all such strings and stings be removed from you. You have begged to be done with your drawn-out sensitivity and its compatriot agony.

Now, you find that your desire to be rid of taking things personally no longer comes from your desire to be done with your personal hurt. You have another motive. No longer do you want your hurt to resound anywhere, not to the offender, not to the environment, not to those who come later. You don't want it, and you have finally recognized that it is not necessary to have it, for you have gained a greater sense of self.

You did not deliberately rise about the situation. You discovered you had already risen.

You naturally let My response be yours.

It is like you stayed overnight in a disordered room. You did not create the disorder. You found it that way. You were an innocent bystander. And yet you kindly made the bed and left the room better than you found it. Because you left it tidy, you are able to leave with a good feeling, or you stay with a good feeling. Whether you stay or leave is minor. The harmonics are major. You are now one who leaves an interchange with goodwill. And so you leave intact.

When you rise above personal affront, the question no longer exists as to "who is right and who is wrong". That does not even enter the equation. You have stepped out of blame into responsibility.

A room you stayed in was messy. You did not investigate who had left it messy and who should have come to straighten it up. You simply left it in a kindly fashion. You had good manners.

Departed from ego, you naturally leave the room in good order.

Departed from ego, what the other party does bears no burden on you. You walk off whistling, for you left the room neater than you found it.

And so you have stepped into My shoes. And so it feels good to you.

You live in a new consciousness now.

You desired it. You willed it. And so it is.

You desired what was and is My Will.

You sacrificed nothing.

You gained freedom from smallness. That is quite a gain.

Freedom from smallness is the precursor to greatness. Now room is made for greatness, for ever-present greatness to express and evidence itself.

This is cause for celebration.

The vaster comprehension you have now is the celebration of yourself. Ego-ness precluded celebration. Now that you are out of smallness, you are celebrating. Life is the celebration.

While ego celebrates nothing, it claims victory, but what is victory without accord? What is anything without accord?

The only thing to win is Oneness, and you already have that.

So the only thing left for you to win is awareness of Oneness.

And so Oneness celebrates itself.