Days of Self Service

God said:

Beloved, you mean everything to Me. You are My Beloved. You are My Joy every day of the week and year and for all the years to come – forever and forever. This is Eternity. You are My Beloved Always and Forever. You are My Happiness. It is for you that I, God, am forever. You are My tie to Earth. You are My Total Joy, hither and yon. You are My Heart’s Desire. Don't you know My abiding love for you?

It is possible that you may not this as the God's Honest Truth because there are times when you do not feel well-served. You may have a sore toe or a sore heart, and you are not well-pleased with all the delight you see heralded in Me when you are yet left wanting.

You may make conditions. You may feel unloved because you believe that if I loved you, I would jump-to My-Lou to change a bit of your life here and there as I deliver life to you.

If you only knew, you would experience life to its fullest with roses in your cheeks and gratitude for life at the tip of your toe to the top or bottom of your heart. Gratitude would steer you forward and no longer longing for what you feel you may be being denied.

It is easy to believe that if I truly loved you, you would constantly be filled to the brim to your happiest at every moment.

Beloved, if you are not experiencing happiness to your fullest now, you may think you are railroaded and lack the freedom of your own free will when you are capable of holding a full cup of joy to your own lips.

Freedom of choice matters to you. Of course, it does. You are not to have your free will tossed away. You merit your freedom as you choose.

Fill your happiness to the brim right now. Decide your happiness. Don’t shirk at it. Take your happiness at its full value right now. Are you waiting for your happiness to be delivered to you as if you are hapless?

Toast happiness to your Self. Accept happiness as I will it to you. Drink up happiness, Beloved. Make a toast to happiness for everyone in the world, and this includes you.

Beloved, you are not to be a slug-a-bed. Serve yourself loyally and royally. Everything is self-serve in the world these days. Don’t slog around waiting to be hand-fed, Reach your arm out and serve yourself as well as others. There is no longer lying around waiting for Me to press a cup to your lips. These days are days in which you offer service to yourself as well as to others.

Few these days can lie around and be served elegantly. Serve as much as you can. No longer lollygag around waiting to be served tooth and nail. These are days of independence. You are the server as well as the served. It is also royal to serve another as your Self.

There is joy in serving yourself and others. Being waited on is no longer so divine and timeless. Waiting on others has its joy. For one thing, it is good exercise. This also means that to thine own Self, be true. Be true to your Self and to Me, God Almighty, Who is insatiably true to you.

Love. Love even without an object. Strew love everywhere. Love will be known. Love high and low, and you will know it. You will be love known to the top of the rafters. Love will be known because you are yourself love to be known in the springtime and in the fall, winter, and summer.

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Happy New Year Beloved Heaven Letters Family.

"This also means that to thine own Self, be true. Be true to your Self and to Me, God, Who is insatiably true to you." I love this miracle named Heaven on Earth with all my Heart.


Last night as we were approaching New Year's I was so happy just for the fun of it, and because I know how things are changing for the better...I was celebrating US ALL and our freedom...I was filled with such Love...I was celebrating with my family in a public restaurant very famous here where I live in Stroudsburg, PA...I was having fun and at the same time I was observing others having fun...There was this lady that was enjoying the way I was expressing myself...We connected so well...Everyone connected so well...I saw that everyone left their daily routines and worries behind, and were truly sharing on happiness...I blessed everyone present there as I was dancing and sent LOVE to all...I recognized the divine in all...I did not see anything less than that...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE...

Beloved Amparo A. Your heart

Beloved Amparo A. Your heart makes my heart sing. I want your heart accompanying mine all the time so I know the happiness that God gives you also as mine. God bless you and all. Tell us more, please. :)

Love, Gloria


Thank you Gloria...I will do so...I will share on my joys and experiences...When I read God's letters I feel His Love, His Joy, and I find He has a sense of least I giggle a lot...It is such a beautiful feeling of Peace invading me every time...I know when He is talking to me, and I eagerly wait everyday for His letters...I thank you so much Gloria for your service of Love..and I thank Him everyday for everything that is going on in my life...and especially for His letters...I am opening my heart to Him in Love, Oneness, in Trust. I allow for His Love to permeate my whole Being...
This year is a very special one for me...and for so many others...We are finally seeing the fruits of our labor of Love...We are getting ready to receiving such gifts where all will be more in the Truth and Clarity of Who They Are...Blessings and much Love to you Gloria...I love your name...You must be God's Glory here on Earth...