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Continued thanks to translators

Dear Special Translating Angels,

I want to be sure you know how much your translations and your posting them is appreciated.
Time does not allow me to thank you every day, but please know I receive a notification for every translation that goes out. And you may be sure I thank you! It is a great blessing that you translate.

This morning, for instance, the following translations were sent out:




Usually there is a Turkish translation as well. Engin is out of town on important business, or there would be one.

While I am in the thanking mode, a big thanks to Khanyi Media for doing all the sending. Both Santhan and Mauro send out.

I haven't even mentioned the time and focus sending out English daily Heavenletters and the twice a week English Heavenletters takes. Everything takes time and skill and caring. Add to it all the caring and time and skill you give to translating. Just by virtue of your translating and then the sending out, your countries are U.S. are affected. The good energy you and Khanyi give has to go somewhere.

It's really beautiful how all the great people keep Heavenletters moving along.

With blessings and love,


Oops, I just got

Oops, I just got notification that the Turkish translation also went out today!

You guys are simply amazing.

Those of you who translate less often, please know how grateful we are that you translate when you can. So happy and grateful.

God bless you all.

With love,


I also forget Spanish! So

I also forget Spanish!

So sorry. Spanish is one of the regulars.

With love and blessings,


Greek translations will

Greek translations will resurrect soon! :big

I know it's not wise but I wait for the new translations site. :thumbup:
Yeah,I shouldn't be such a perfectionist but I can't help it ! Ever since I lost the translations posted duting the reconstruction of the site, I suspended translating. I want to start afresh having everything in the right order. (Oh, my God! I've just realized how obsessive I've become!!!).

Please, excuse me for my bad habits. Everything will be ok at the end!

Love to all translators and a warm kiss on mama Gloria's cheek!

Most beloved Maria, You are

Most beloved Maria,

You are doing so much good for Heaven whether you translate or not. You are to quick to respond to everyone who posts a comment. You make a great difference to this forum.

I think the previous Greek translations are not lost. Have we asked Khanyi Media?

I understand. If they are not seen, it feels the same as lost.

We will find them and get them back up.

Apologies to you and to other translators whose translations may no longer be seen.

Everything is still being worked on. The web site is not yet done.

And, please, keep making your needs known.

With love and blessings and enormous appreciation,


Thanks for your kind words,

Thanks for your kind words, Mrs Gloria!

Yes, we have asked Khanyi Media and my most beloved Santhan. All missing italian, turkish and greek translations are retained! There's no need to worry!

I'm sure that the Dream Team of Khanyi Media will do wonders again! I send them blessings and many thanks for they are The Ascension Angels of this website. (The whole Earth is ascending. New grids are activated. Could this Mansion of God who serves also as a meeting point for His children all across Earth stay in the old, same vibrations? No,it couldn't! A new website will be born soon thanks to these angels. We owe them thanks! Heaven forbid, they don't owe as apologies. Who needs apologies for the coming of spring and the birth of a beautiful child?)

Beloved Maria and all

Beloved Maria and all Translators,

You are quite right that no one owes us any apologies. The Dream Team (I love that expression) are bending over backwards to serve in every way possible. I did not mean to apologize for them. My gratitude to them -- and to the translators -- is endless just like the service all the Heaven Angels give. I love what you say -- who needs apolgies for the coming of spring and the birth of a beautiful child!

I do apologize for not having let you know the situation sooner so you would not have had to wonder what had happened to the translations in the first place!

One of the great things that Khanyi Media has done is to add the link at the bottom of the text of a Heavenletter that says Add Comment. Have you seen the beautiful comments that rush in!

If it is possible to add Add Comment to translated Heavenletters, would you be able to oversee them and respond? There would be some monitoring involved to be sure a comment isn't spam.

Khanyi has a long list of things they want to do, but if this sounds good to you, I will gladly pass it on.

God bless you!

With love,


I know you have too much on

I know you have too much on your plate, Mrs Gloria, but if you find some time to pass on this list about Khanyi , please do!

Thanks for telling me about the Add Comment button! I haven't noticed it! ( These last words remind me of what God said today about seeing a new world that was always before us) :big Now that I know it, I will carry out patrols and safeguard the entrance.

Many thanks and love!


Request for adding Add

Request for adding Add Comment link to translations has been passed on. It may already well be on the Dream Team's agenda.

Beloved Maria, I do not have too much on my plate, and everything on my plate is pure joy. True, I am never done, and there is always more coming in to do!

It frees me a lot that readers are now posting their comments. Gives me more time to accomplish more.

God bless you, Miss Maria!

With love,


Just wanted to say that I

Just wanted to say that I love the definition "Dream Team", for they make dreams come true!
Hugs and kisses !