Connected to God

God said:

When there are those in your life who are greatly loving to you and nourish and embolden you, they are strengthening your named or unnamed awareness of Me.

When there are those in your life who discourage you or berate you or neglect you, they are also turning you toward Me, for they are teaching you the difference between that which can be relied on and that which cannot.

So all beings, all events, are turning you on to Me. I am, in truth, the only direction to go in.

When from the depths of despair, you denounce Me, you are nevertheless acknowledging Me and you are giving Me your attention. Your attention needs to be with Me.

When you are disappointed in Me, even then you realize that you had some faith in Me and Our bond. Even when you rail at Me, you acknowledge My existence and a connection of sorts between Us. You may see the connection as I the Victor and you the paltry victim, but that is a connection even so. You may see Me as the Taskmaster, and you the bumbling servant who tries to please and yet seems to get it wrong, but even so, you are making a connection. No matter how tenuous the connection, even then you see some interchange between Us, some relationship no matter how far away or how unfair-seeming.

If you can see Me as an Adversary, the possibility exists that you can see Me as an Ally. Whether you see Me as an Adversary or Ally, your attention on Me is great.

Attention on Me is that which links you to all of eternity. Even in shaking your fist at Me, you are acknowledging that there is a power that runs through the universe and your life and that you are part of this power. Even if you don't know the friendliness and love I bestow, you know something.

There is no need to do battle with Me, but it may be your need. Have your fuss, and then find openness in your conscious heart for Me.

It is a given that you cannot presently understand why the world is as it is and why there is suffering and why loved ones must leave and you must stay, or why you must leave and they stay, but you can understand that you are simply not able to understand. That does not mean that life is random, nor does it mean it is fixed. It does not mean that you have all the choices in the world to make or that you have none.

You have choices to make, but the outcome is not your choice. That is not different from water being wet. It is not a fact to bemoan.

You are children of God. You are not the masters of God. You learn from God. God is not obliged to learn from you — after all, what could you teach? — but God is very understanding of you, and patient, and everlasting. Everyone on earth seems to know what everyone else on earth should be doing, and you have your suggestions, ideas, and commands for God in Heaven as well.

I invite you to share Heaven with Me right now while you are on earth. Goodness knows, I want you. Is it a secret withheld from you that you also want to share Heaven with Me, and right now you do?

If you feel Heaven and life with Me in it are too far away from you, will you then not share your life on earth with Me?