Bless All

God said:

Why isn't everyone interested in what you are interested in? How foolish can people be to have interests other than yours! It is always amazing to you, and you wonder what is the matter with them.

They dress too simply or too garishly.

They favor different foods.

They decorate their homes differently.

They read different books.

They raise their children differently. They have too many or none.

What are they thinking of to do things differently from you!

Even worse, sometimes or often they don't understand you. They wonder what you think you're doing if you're thinking at all.

Why are comparisons made so much and held onto for so long?

Why cannot all styles be thrown into the pot, simmered and enjoyed?

Why on earth should everyone appear just like everyone else? It is appearances We are speaking of. Since when have appearances become the basis for existence. For a long time, I would say.

Well, what do you think about more? Appearance or essence? Why aren't appearances simply accepted as one tree is accepted from another? You love the pine trees and you love the elms. You love the apple trees and the figs. You love all kinds of flowers. You may choose to buy roses, but you would buy all of the flowers if you could. You would surround yourself with vases and vases of myriad bouquets gladly.

Why then, I wonder, are My children so segregated in your mind? Life does become like a chess game where you calculate your moves and men are eliminated.

Is not the ocean for everyone? Is not the sun? Are not the stars? Does not the earth revolve for all? Is not the air to breathe? Am I not for all? Then, why, I ask, are not you?

You were not born to be superior nor inferior to another. Superior and inferior are concepts of the world. They are certainly not Mine. I would not have you be snobbish to any degree under any circumstances.

I would have you welcome the intricacies of the population on earth. The world is many-dimensioned and many-cultured. Even your next door neighbors, born under the same sky and same longitude and latitude, have a culture unique to their household.

Exercised preferences are the not the sum of life, and you know it, and yet how your attention goes to such distinctions.

How about welcoming all differences? Differences are nothing at all. Everyone knows that really, but few live it. But you be one who welcomes all of creation.

I assign you to be the welcomer of the universe. I assign you to set aside your ratings. People are not TV programs, some to be skipped over or turned off. All people deserve your respect. Respect yourself, and give equal respect to others.

It is important how you view others on earth. It is of the utmost importance. Some of you who treat all others well do not always view them as well. No longer set yourself above anyone else, nor below, even in your thinking.

The cure is to stop making comparisons. You will do well without comparisons.

Let simple acceptance be your mode now. Accept. Accept. You need not embrace everything, but you must accept everyone. Make room for them on the bench beside you.

It is too hard, too time-consuming, too pointless to be thinking about who merits your regard and who does not. Regard everyone. Right now, think of all the peoples in the world, and tip your hat to them. They are My beloveds, as you are My beloved.

Now take the people in your immediate world who may have annoyed you or disparaged you, and bless them the same. Bless them the same for being like you or unlike you. Either way, bless all.