concept of time

Sadness Is Connected to Time

Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, what is sadness?

Mother Divine:

Sadness is recollection of the past which is gone and cannot return and a prophesy of something in the future that may never be that you miss ahead of time. Sadness empowers lack and loss and impossibility. Sadness is like a bath that is a bit too hot, but you sink into it anyway.

Sadness comes in wisps.

Why did you think to ask about sadness?

Arbitrary Time

God said:

Time is so unreal and fleeting that you do not experience its passage nor can you remember it. You remember events, expressions, people, evidence of time, but time itself you cannot remember. It is so nonexistent that you don't experience it. You never did. You sometimes feel that time races or it goes slow, but time itself never is, beloveds. It is a mirage. It is a word. It is a concept. It is nothing but an idea. What are these supposed annals of time and where do they reside?

The Vastness

God said:

Time does not exist. Because you think it does, you radiate your life around it. And so you become impatient or you become bored, all because of your concept of time. Time is an accepted concept and so you accept it as true and it becomes true to you. Undeniably true.

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