concept of error

Hear the Applause

God said:

Error is a concept that could well be done away with.

How simple life would be without that concept!

How much of your life is spent bemoaning an action or inaction of yours or someone else's? Life is not meant to be accumulated nor sized up. Life is a hall you pass through. You are not meant to keep its contents.

If life is a passage, you cannot keep it extant. Only this moment can be extant. Unburden yourself of the past you bear. Leave it. Step out of it.

When Guilt Sets In

God said:

When you start to feel guilty, it is a sign that your selfishness and ego have crept in. Your selfishness and ego are indeed the harbingers of your guilt.

You are vital in the universe, but do not think that your so-called sins or omissions are the warp and the woof of it. They are incidental.

When you feel guilty, you are most assuredly thinking of yourself, and in your vanity, you make a small picture of yourself. You call attention to yourself. Your sense of guilt doesn't say you are responsible. It says, "Woe is me! I am not as perfect as I thought I was. I have fumbled the ball!"

The Mountain Stream of Life

God said:

You want to erase the error of judgment from you and the error of mistake. You consider mistakes a wrong turn, but they may have been right. They may have been the long way round, but they may have been just right. In any case, when you banish the idea of mistake, you won't make them. You may go the long way around, but you will with joy, and not with fear and not with regret. The mistake is the concept of mistake.

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