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God Said:

Scott, competition, or to be competitive seems fascinating and exhilarating from the outside and has become part and parcel of the American way and many other cultures around the world. My question to you is how does it serve you to be competitive?

Competition has this sound of excitement, and is invigorating. There is a winner, and a loser in your eyes. You are against someone in business or some other endeavor you undertake, and you are out to beat them by any means you can. But, the downside of competition is that someone has to lose and someone has to win in the situation. This actually causes all to lose in some way only known to Spirit.

This might appeal to the ego part of mankind but it is not part of Spirit. In fact more damage is done to your children through competition and comparison to others than by almost any other method. I know this is going to sound anti-American because your culture is based on the “free enterprise system” that was designed by your country and legislators. This idea appeals massively to the ego-mind.

Someone will win and someone will lose. Is this what Jesus the Christ taught when he was upon the earth? Is this the Christ- Conscious way to loving your brother or sister? Put yourself in the losing shoe…does it feel good to lose? But, it sure feels good to win, you say. Can it be a different way you say? Yes, it can be different and it can work for all.

In Spirit there are no losers. There are no have’s and no have not’s. All have. Everything in Spirit is nothing but gain and no loss. Loss is not in Spirit’s vocabulary or language. This again, is hard for the ego-mind to wrap around. To the ego mind it sounds “sissy” and “lily white” to think of anything else but winning at any cost.

Look at your society and most society’s around your planet. Notice how there are the have’s and the have not’s. You reward and praise the have’s and you oftentimes curse the have not’s. You say that if they only had more education, or were smarter they could certainly get out of the have not realm if they really wanted to. You might think by me even stating that your system of competition can be detrimental that I am not in favor of anyone having divine prosperity. No, that is not what the divine is saying here.

I am saying that there is a better way, a way of Spirit that can be beneficial to all without someone winning and another losing. You see Spirit’s way of working is that all parties involved win…there are no losers in any transaction. You say impossible…a “pipe dream”. But is it? Can it be that both can win in every situation? I say a resounding YES!

It is the way of love. The way of love, is the way of God. I say it can work if you do it God’s way. God’s way says no one has to be the winner, or the loser. ALL WIN! Love is the answer Mr. Businessman/Businesswoman. You can actually cause your business to be an astounding, and raving success by utilizing this divine love as your guide for how your conduct yourself and your business to the world.

The ego would definitely tell you the opposite. That you will be a statistic, and fail if you follow the principles of love in your business. I tell you, don’t listen to the ego-mind. Follow the path of love in all that you do and you are always a winner and so is everyone else. Believe this my beloved. For your own sakes believe it!

These principles are my principles and they are how everything in the universe operates. Everything I do is out of a heart of love and this permeates all of heaven. All of heaven operates under this principle and it works…Ask anyone who is here and they will tell you it works fabulously and fantastically. Your world was designed with these principles of love. Love always wins out in every instance. It is never the loser. And, so you become the real winner if you practice love in everything you do and say.

Maybe you have made a fist-load of money the ego way, but is it a lasting riches my child, or is it a fleeting riches? When all is said and done and your earthly life is over, was it really worth winning at any cost? Why are you so enamored by the shrinking dollar, or that which is temporal in nature? Why do you slave away all your time for such fleeting happiness? Have you forgotten of the true riches? If money was the way to happiness and joy then why is it that those that possess it are not the happiest people on your planet?

Look closely my children at the happiest people on your planet and you will find that they have an attitude of all they have is enough. They are not constantly striving to have more. To have enough with this attitude is their true riches. They value not what others value as important… They value things that are lasting like relationships, like family, like love, joy, peace. These are the lasting riches…not the mere “bling” of what money can buy. Seek the lasting riches and seek simplicity and peace of mind. Yes, this one who possesses these qualities of Spirit is rich indeed.

So, adopt my way of allowing all to win in everything you do and you will find this brings you real peace and joy. Quit putting so much pressure on your beloved children to perform and compete against others. It might feel good to your ego, or theirs, but it does not feel good to the loser. Competition is spawned out of ego and winning. Come to the place of love where all can win and you will find the ultimate prize. This prize is that of love, peace, joy, and soul fulfillment. This takes trust my beloved…another quality of Spirit. Ask me for this quality so that you can be rich indeed. Be a possessor of the true riches Spirit has for you. You will not be sorry my beloved!

I love you always,


Submitted by: D. Scott Arant