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Come...Enter The Kingdom of Love

Another Heaven Letter e-card for you all to share...


Lots of Love


Dear Mary, You are so

Dear Mary,

You are so wonderful to make these beautiful cards. I so want to send this latest one to someone.

First I sen it to myself to make sure I'm doing it right.

I must be the densest person in the world because I just am not getting it. I pressed the gold Mail button you suggested and sent the email with the URL.

When the email reached me, I pressed the URL and just got to your web site again.

Will you kindly send me an ecard so I get a grasp of what the email is really supposed to look like?

Thank you, angel.

Hi Gloria! First of all it

Hi Gloria!

First of all it is my pleasure to make them ~ I thoroughly enjoy creating them!

Secondly, you most certainly are not dense ~ far from it!
...and I thought you weren't supposed to be thinking negative thoughts anymore!?! ;)

Everything is easy once you know how! I remember spending hours, days, weeks, months even, trying to figure out how I do this that and the other, when I first started all of this, but with patience and perserverance, and a few good friends to help and guide, I eventually 'got it' ~ and so will you!

So ~

I shall send you an ecard later, so that you see what it looks like when it arrives,
but in the mean time... have now found a card that you would like to send to someone else ~ let's say this one...

So now you highlight the url and copy it by right clicking on it and then clicking on 'copy'
then you click on the little gold 'mail to click' icon, which will open up a new window in your email programme
then you right click in the body of the email, and click on 'paste' , to place the url in there,
and then you can add a message of you own (also in the body of the email) too if you wish,
or simply just send the url as it is, by clicking on 'to' like you would in any email, and adding your friend's email address.

Then when the recipient receives your email,
they just click on the url,
and they are transported to the card (or page) that you want them to see!

and that's it!

Lots of love to you



PS Now I'll go and send you an e-card! :)

Thank you for all your kind

Thank you for all your kind patience, dear one.

Here's what happens:

When I open your card, I am at your web site, yes?

Well, on my computer, your web site goes way off the screen. I maybe actually see only a quarter of your web site at one time. .

Xenia told me to make the little 100% something less. I will later but am off to Godwrite right now.

God bless you, angel.

Love, Gloria

P.S. Is there a way for just the card to arrive like in an email? Is it possible?

Hi Gloria! Yes, you can also

Hi Gloria!

Yes, you can also send the page via email too, by clicking on 'send page via email' that appears in a drop down box, when you click on 'page' in the tool box at the top of the screen, but you don't always get the whole page through. It sometimes misses bits out!

What kind of computer do you use then?
Is it a laptop?
Do you know your screen resolution?
If so, please send it to me, and I'll make something special just for you!

Enjoy your Godwriritng ~ which I know you do anyway!
(I can feel divinine 'smiles')


Oh my ~ isn't SHe wonderful!?!

Love Mary