Come What May

God said:

When you know your indivisible strength, the winds of life do not shake you. Like a tree, you bend and you give shelter to all those beneath your boughs. Storms do not dismay you. Neither day nor night dismays you. You are sheltered beneath the sun and stars and moon and unseen planets. You know the canopy you are under. And you know how deep are your roots. And so you give shelter to others. You are My saplings.

Life evolves like this. One thing leads to another. You stand near another, and then others stand near you.

Unlike trees, events in life move you along in time and space. They do not let you stand still. Events in life are like contractions that give birth to you. They propel you. And, as We continue, you and I, you will give less credence to events and, at the same time, more appreciation.

Each event in your life is a stepping-stone. Would you prefer not to have stepping-stones? The alternative is to stay where you are. Many times have you have tried to dig in where you are.

When you know that you are a helper to the rest of humanity, your life is easier because you have decided it. Undecided, you are left at the mercy of events. Decided, you know you rise from earth and reach high to Heaven.

You are not here for yourself. You are here for Me. Therefore, you are here for the good of one another. Your consciousness shapes others. Your consciousness is a tribute to Me and your privilege to reveal to others. I already know your worth. Now you reveal it to others so that they too may be strong in love.

Whoever enters your life, I have sent them to you. They call your attention to Me. Even those who seemingly hurt you — they point you towards Me. They may have forgotten their mission and the message they are to deliver, but, nevertheless, they direct your attention to Me. At those times, you may shake your fist at Me, but at least you are thinking of Me. Similarly, often you call upon Me when you are in trouble, and, when you notice your good fortune, I hear you thank Me. Thank you.

How to deal with life. Surely don't grimace at it. Benefit it.

Turning the other cheek is doing the unexpected. Make a surprise today. Make many surprises today. Surprise yourself in your generosity to others. See what fun it is. At the very least, you can silently bestow My blessings. Regardless of anything else, you can bless another on My behalf. Responding in an ordinary way is not enough for you any longer, for you are discovering that you are not ordinary, and never for a single moment were you meant to be.

What if you looked at everything today from a different angle? When you do that, everything gets turned around. Everything has to reconfigure itself. The world changes according to your view of it. You change according to how you see yourself. No longer need you look at yourself in old ways, probably inherited from those less aware than you. I did not bequeath to you your present conception of yourself. Therefore, your present conception is incorrect.

You are far more than anyone dreamed of, anyone but Me, that is. You do not yet know all the good you are capable of, but you are going to find out. I am going to teach you. Life is going to teach you. You are going to wake to a new vision of yourself, one more closely aligned to Mine, and, therefore, closer to Truth, and, therefore, closer to Me, for I desire you to come closer.