The Heart of Life

God said:

Your whole life is in service to Me. You lay your life out before Me. Your life is like a prayer or a thanksgiving. You are beautiful to behold. Your Human life is but a ringing out of love or a wringing out of hands, love recognized or love overlooked. One way or another, your life is woven across the universe. Your life is My tribute to you, and now make it your tribute to Me.

Remember Whom you are on earth for. What else need I remind you of but that. How excellent are We in Our love! We serve one another, and so We make earth Heaven. That is how. That is Our graciousness. The grace of God and the grace of you. The grace of you is My grace. Bestow it.

I operate on many levels, and so do you. The circumference of you is far greater than the girth of your waist. It is far greater than the waves of your brain. The waves of your heart are another matter. They encompass everything. That is how you are immeasurable. You who are dimensionless nevertheless exist in many dimensions. You exist everywhere. There is no end to your heart and no end to your domain.

Yet you think you are bogged down in life. You think there is an extent of you, that you are boarded up. Because you were plunked down on earth, you think that earth is all there is or all that life is about. But your life on earth is an infinitesimal part of your life. Even while on earth, you are not limited to earth. You go farther a-field than earth. You reach all the way to Heaven.

Heaven is not far from you. It is part of your sphere. Heaven is right in the center of your heart. Heaven has been objectified, but it is the Great Kingdom within. There is really nothing else but within. Within is the extent of you, and within is limitless.

This is not imagination I speak of. The truth of you may be unimagined, but it is not dependent upon what you imagine or what you think you know.

Pound your heart because it has been impounded. Pound your heart so you begin to know the threshold of your existence. Pound your heart so that you know it is there, beating a rhythm so universal and so beautiful yet, incredibly, often mislaid or forgotten. Remember the beat of your heart.

I set the rhythm of your heart. I set it to go with Mine. My heart is not physical. My heart is love, and your heart is too. Your heart has been set to go off. Any minute your heart is going to start its journey of giving love, and that is the same as your journey Heavenward. Your heart is your point of departure and your greeting as you reach Home as well.

You are ready to journey to the inner chambers of your heart. You are ready to acknowledge realms in your heart you have never acknowledged before. This is your greatest journey, the heart within. And how close you are. Put your hand over your heart and listen to it. Recognize its beauty. Despite what you may think, your heart is not bedraggled. Your heart is eternally young. Innocent is your heart. Innocence is the treasure of your heart. Your mind learns and holds many things. But your heart adheres love, and that is what your heart is for. Let the love in your heart beat to the rhythm of Mine to your heart's content.