Closer to God’s Heart

God said:

Coming to My heart is not meant to be an escape. Life is not to be escaped from. Coming to My heart is more of a realization that I am with you, and that you are Mine. You are Mine as you experience life. Life is not to be fled from any more than it is to be faced -- as though life were an assault. Avail yourself of life. Do not assail it. Do not protect yourself from it. Do not be on guard. Do not close your heart.

Contrary to common lore, hearts do not break. They do not break in two.

Perhaps We could say that life is about healing the illusion that there is heartbreak. Perhaps life is about the putting together of human hearts. Perhaps life is about the healing of misunderstandings about the heart, what it is made for, and how it is to be allowed to conduct itself.

No more sob-sister story about your heart. Put your heart together by giving it room to grow in, to swell, to overtake the world, to endear your heart to yourself. Hearts are for cementing of love, not the withdrawal of it. Love anyway. Love as if love is the only thing to be. Love is the only thing to be, and, then, it follows naturally that, from Being, love ensues. Never mind about broken hearts. Your heart does not need a splint.

Nothing has to be made right. Life is to be allowed. You are not to assault life even when you may feel that life has assaulted you. Be a pillow that receives life. It is perfectly fine to allow life to be what it is. Even as you surmise boulders of life surrounding you, have a clear heart, and the boulders will roll away and open a gateway modeled on your heart. Let your heart love. Your heart is made for love.

Love is simple, not complex. Love is not ownership. Love is simply a blessing that depends upon nothing but itself.

Love is not to be on guard. Love is not a warrior. Love is not to be seen as a victor nor is love to be seen as a defector. Let your heart not miss a beat. Hearts neither triumph nor lose out. Self-pity is not love. Tears have nothing to do with love. Drama has nothing to do with love. Love alone has to do with love.

Make sure you do not put a moat around your heart. Despite what you think, safety is not an issue when it comes to love. Platitudes do not belong with love. Attitudes do not belong with love. Remorse does not belong with love. Be glad that you have loved. Do not mourn that you have loved. It may be so that you loved an idea in your mind and not the reality. Be glad then that you loved an idea.

Love is not mistaken. The world says it is. I tell you to be fruitful and multiply, and the fruit I mean is love, love as it is, love as it is given, love as it is returned or not returned. The thing is that you love. Do not forswear love. Swear to love more. Swear to be a human being who loves and does not get hung up on love.

I, God, love. You, human being, love. Dance for joy that your heart loves. Let that be enough. If someone does not want your love, so be it. Everyone is free to love in return or not love in return. Love is meant to go where it goes. Love is to be replenished through Me. I give you full love, whether you love Me or not. I await your love, for I know that you are meant to love and to love Me. I know My dharma, and I know your dharma is the same. Love is never at fault. Attachment is.

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A typo?

Should the first sentence of the fourth paragraph read: "No more sob story about your heart."?

With love,


Something was off. It's

Something was off. It's interesting too because when this Heavenletter first made it to the Heavenletter listing for translators, several translators questioned that expression, and I thought we had fixed it. In any case, it's fixed now to sob-sister story. Thanks for pointing this out.


Thank You God for clearing all misunderstandings. Thank You for sharing True Seeing so that I may see how my True Being sees. You love me, even when I don't love You. You love us all even when we don't love You. Let my love be as strong and clear as Yours. Let me love everyone even when "they" don't love me. Thank You Self.

Help me clear all and every misunderstanding I have about Love. Thank You.