Climb the Heights of Love and Never Fall Off

God said:

If you cannot believe in yourself, at least believe in Me. What are you fearful of losing if you transfer your belief in trouble to belief in Me? You would gain awareness of My Presence, and you would lose the fear of loss and your belief in loss. What can you lose when you have Me ticking in your heart or beating a tom-tom that resounds through your reflective heart and through the soul of the world? When you have Me deep in your consciousness, how necessary are these other fleeting awarenesses?
It is one thing to want. It is another thing for you to have to have. You sometimes feel you have to have love from this one or that one when you do not, and, yet, you are inconsolable.
Truly, beloveds, the outside world is nice and meaningful and engaging, something like TV, yet you don’t always have to have it on. There is life without all the periphery. Having to have is a bee in your bonnet. You will live without everything you deem essential. You will even live very well without it.
I will not say that you cannot have everything. I do say that you are not dependent upon having everything you desire. Desire is an impetus for fulfillment. It is not the sunrise and the sunset. Fulfillment of your desires is often not the fulfillment you thought it would be. You thought it would be monumental, yet with or without what you want or even think you must absolutely have, life goes on just the same.
There is nothing you own, certainly not the emotions of those you see as others. Nor are you dependent upon all those aspects of yourself that you call others. Love yourself, and see how the world turns then. Perhaps you are the one who has to turn around, and then the world, like a board game, goes past you.
Love others as yourself, and then you do love yourself. Love yourself, and your love will know no bounds. Love is without boundaries. Love does not require boundaries, new or old. That’s what it means to say that love is boundless. Love is unlimited. Love builds upon itself. Love is not dependent upon this or that, a pretty face or a large purse. Love is independent. Love is. Love sees itself. Love finds itself, and freedom rings. From whence comes your happiness, beloveds? Happiness comes from within you, just where love comes from. Love is a constant. It is not an intermittent on and off thing. Love is its own awareness. It stays.
It is not that love settles for whatever. Love expands and expands and keeps on expanding. Love is a beautiful rose blooming. You are a rose of love, and you have it within you to climb the heights of love and never fall off. Love doesn’t peak. It doesn’t cease. Love keeps moseying along. Follow love, and you are led to yourself and all the expansion you desire. Love is the leader. Love leads the way. The way is love. Love throws rose petals in your path. All roads lead to love. Dispense with accumulation. Progress with setting yourself free.
Bless those you would love or have loved and all those who once loved you. There is no you, remember? You are greater than an individual, and you would not hoard even one other. Set everyone free. Then see the love come running to you. You are the subject. There really are no objects. None. There are also no goals to love, for love is its own goal. Love is the lover, the loved, and the whole process, if it can be called a process. There is a movement of love in the world. Love is moving up. Love is coming into its own.

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Set everyone free

I bless them all my Father!
I send Love to each and all!
As you have blessed me I BLESS all your Children and your Creation.
For anyone reading this Heavenletter and my blog I ask you to Bless all Humans and all GOD's Creation.Let the Light of Blessings fill our World.Let the feeling of LOVE burst in every Heart!
If you are feeling low of Spirit then LAUGH loud. Find something in your mind to laugh about. But LAUGH and LAUGH.Roll with laughter.You cannot have too much Laughter in the World.This of itself is a prayer - a cleansing prayer and an anchoring prayer.
Bless your Creator. Talk to GOD. He is waiting on you.Tell him "Morning".This will set your day as you go moseying along.
I bless all the Heavenletters readers and Heavenletters Crew.


For Victor and everyone...

Thank you for your loving words Victor. I believe that anything is not of LOVE is basically false....fiction....but oh so seemingly convincing. Ha the stories of our lives....(I almost said "lies"...ha, ha). For me, the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth or awakening or whatever you want to call SERIOUSNESS! Here's a joke: How can angels fly? Because they take themselves lightly. And why are people so miserable? Because they take themselves too seriously! ha ha. I'm happy to read your blog. Just highlight my name and send its url via my email. Many blessings!