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The Clearance Rack

My heart stirred
I found God in the clearance rack last night
among the discards, the rejects from last season
50% off - God was there
In between the blouses too large for me, the knit tops too tight

I looked up - could this be true?
Is God right here among the markdowns?
I looked around.

God, are you out there?
in flannels and linens
lingere and sleepware
Mens, Juniors, Boys and Girls
God, are you out there?

I returned to my rack
God is here
Packed between the unclaimed knits
Among the lost, the silent and the forgotten
God is here
radiant in my heart
God is here

Copyright (c) Christine Power 2007

Dear Christine, I am amazed

Dear Christine, I am amazed at the powerful poetry that you and others write.

Just as I am drawn to real-life clearance racks in any store, your poem drew me.

Please keep posting, and also tell us more about yourself.

To all the creative writers, if I could tell you every time how much I enjoy your writing, I would. Imaginary time does not allow. Please know that I read each posting and love them.

Thank you for your note

Thank you for your note dearest Gloria!
We know you are very busy!

We write because we love to write,
and we share because we love to share!

And thanks for the lovely poem Christine!

Love and hugs to all ~



Ooops ~ and welcome to our

Ooops ~ and welcome to our wonderful virtual family Christine!

I meant to type that in the above note, but accidentally clicked submit before I was ready!

Mary :)

Christine...Hi and

Christine...Hi and welcome...your poem resonates with me on a few levels...i love your expressiveness...the looking upon and thinking upon the love everywhere around, that we in our busyness so often perhaps pass by...and the fact that God doesn't discriminate or elimate, putting on some shelf far, far, away, in any way at all...and that Love is Within...some really good, great, creative love...mike:)