Claim God!

God said:

Beloved, Yes, I am the Doer, yet My interest is in you and in loving you. It is not My desire to circumvent you. What would I want control for? I am attuned to freedom. I offer Myself to you and have no desire to present boundaries to you or confine you in any way. I offer My love to you and not force. Yes, I am God Supreme. I urge you to take the bright golden brick road. I am first and foremost about your fulfillment along the lines of Self-realization. I ring the bells of freedom. To you I offer ultimate freedom. You have freedom to make choices.

Life may not always go by your preferences. Life doesn’t always go in the direction you most want. Everyone knows this by now. Manna comes from Heaven. Ah, the exercise of keeping and following your dreams is up to you. You may find you do not grow so tall as you like. You may not, as yet, live in the house of your dreams, yet you are free to dream and to seek your dreams and to pluck them from the Universe.

No one’s dreams come with a guarantee that they fall into your lap, nor may your dream as, as yet, have fallen into place. Nor are you excluded from your dreams. Anything is possible. Go get your dreams, Beloved. Walk right up to your dreams, yet be not attached to them. You will come across your dreams as you do or as you don’t. You are given the privilege of having your dreams, yet there are no iron-clad guarantees. You are given the hunting grounds. By all means, seek your dreams. Increase your odds. Dreams are guaranteed possible. This does not mean your dreams must come true. It means that your dreams may.

It’s wonderful when dreams come true, yet your dreams want their freedom of expression as they wish. If all your dreams don’t realize themselves all at once, this tells you that more dreams are yet to come.

You are surrounded by miracles. Isn’t it a miracle that you can speak and write and listen and understand? Isn’t it a miracle other souls also appear before you in the same way flowers bloom? Isn’t it amazing that the world exists and you exist in it and that further adventure awaits you? Are not oceans miracles made for you and dry deserts as well? And birds sing! Think of it, birds have songs to sing, and they sing for you. Bird song is a gift to you to hear. You are given wonders and also wonders to perform.

Be ecstatic with joy that your cup runneth over. Dance and sing and smile and laugh to your heart’s content and to Mine!

Pick flowers. Breathe in the sweetness of hyacinths. Claim your joy. You are meant for joy. You are an expression of God. Claim Me! I am yours to claim. Surely, I am your good fortune. Good fortune comes to you in all shapes and sizes to My delight. I sing of you, and you sing of Me. Continue to sit down at My table of good fortune.

Reap the harvest of your dreams.

Celebrate life. Stir the pot. It is your pot to stir and to drink from. Milk and honey have been prepared for you and rosiness brushed on your cheeks.

Look up at the sky and claim the expanse of the blue sky as yours to behold. Here comes the Sun. Hail to the Sun, the yellow Sun, the bright light of God as it shines on Earth and reflects its light and warmth on you. Are you ready?

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wishing and willing

Waking from a dream of a life to a true, illumines the fear that clung to itself and seemed to be me. Yet no fear so deep as the fear of being put back into a dream of a life, and so - yes - willing to learn the ways of love's honesty.