Chugging Right Along

God said:

Beloved, take a stand on what you will allow to rock your boat. All is not lost. You are not in the grips of a vise. If you are a captain of a ship, you haven’t sunk your ship yet. You got off course for a minute. You don't have to take it so hard. You were not attacked. You did not fall overboard. You have the option to take disappointments more philosophically. You don't have to take even one occurrence so hard. When all is said and done, you don't have to be done in.

You don't have to take life harshly. You must not. Beloveds, learn the art of letting go. You don't have to get hung up and be at the end of your wits because of a mistake. A mistake doesn't have to be a fatal flaw. Let it go.

A car’s not starting is a car's not starting. It isn't the end of your life.

When you do come to the end of your life, even then, you don't have to take the so-called end of your life so hard.

Despite what is called death, you do not die. If it were true that you did die, let go of the idea of dying as a fault. Likely you will receive other rounds at life.

Hey, spilled milk is spilled milk. Wipe it up, and go out and milk another cow. The world has not ended. You don't have to be overwhelmed. You are mightier than this. Don't allow yourself to be at the end of your rope when tomorrow is another day.

What has happened to good naturedbess? Okay, you stepped in a puddle. Who says you have to boo-hoo over it? Not I. Okay, you don't like to step in puddles, yet what's wrong with a HA! HA! while you're a it. Laugh rather than cry. What percentage is there in banging your head against the wall for even one second? Stepping in a puddle isn't exactly tragedy. Even if somehow it were, by what law would you pull a shroud over the day?

How about considering that you are lucky to have this mix-up absorb your heart rather than something on a larger scale taking over? You know, you don't have to take everything that occurs in life dramatically.

Perhaps you composed a magnificent concerto, and the page of your great work blew into the fireplace and burned up. Alas. You may not be able to reproduce the same work, yet you can write another work. I suggest that you get this disappointment behind thee.

Always, in life, chug right along.

Look, hold joy to you. Dispense with despair over what isn't the end of the world. If you have a sore toe, be glad you at least have toe to be sore. See the good in what you do have. You can start again. No need to hover faithfully over the past.

There is a new day a-coming. Make a fresh start. Get on with it. Make hay while the sun does shine. Take every opportunity to move ahead and not get stuck. When you are stuck in the snow, you naturally get out of the snow. A mistake can only be a mistake. It can’t be a fateful flaw. Beloveds, you were not born yesterday. You are no one’s fool. I did not bring you to Earth to hang on to yesterday’s newspaper. Beloveds, I have given you a “Get out of Jail Free Card.” It’s a pardon from yesterday. No more keeping yesterday held over for even one extra day.

When your life features a marvelous day, then you can hold it over one extra day, and, then you get going ahead in life and take the new day in your stride with My Blessings.

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Gloria, my brothers car broke down this morning. Thank you for your SERVICE. Thank You God for showing us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I am no one I am everyone

Dear Lindsay, it's not clear

Dear Lindsay, it's not clear to me, dear one, what you are saying! Do you mean service did come right away? That would be great. :)